Digital Magazine Panna Brings Top Chefs to Your Kitchen
Improve your cooking with the nation's finest culinary talents

Tech-savvy foodies rejoice: a video-driven digital cooking magazine has arrived, and it’s bringing some of the country’s top chefs right to your kitchen (or as close as they’ll ever get without you becoming a contestant on Chopped) just in time for the holidays.  The first of its kind, Panna plays film quality video recipes on your iPhone and iPad from an astonishing line-up of acclaimed chefs including Anita Lo, Jonathan Waxman, and Rick Bayless.

In addition to being a handy cooking companion for accomplished cooks, Panna is fantastic for beginners as it shows every single step of the cooking process.  A lot of cookbooks and magazines assume the reader knows how to fold egg whites into a baking mixture, but quite frankly such details aren’t all that obvious to people who haven’t spent a lot of time cooking.  Panna’s videos not only guide you through individual meals; the Chefs give you tips and tricks to help you become a savvier cook in general.  You can pause when you need to, rewind when you missed a detail, and see exactly how each step is supposed to look as you’re working on it.  

Acclaimed New York Chef Anita Lo is one of the many incredible talents that has lent their expertise to Panna, and she joined the cooking application for that very reason: the quality of the instructors is unparalleled.

To get a sense of the user-friendly top chef expertise that home cooks now have access to through Panna, we asked Chef Panna which 5 ingredients every cook should have in his or her kitchen, and here were her picks:

  • Lemons

  • Olive Oil

  • Soy Sauce

  • Good Chicken Stock

  • Good Butter

This is great news if, as is the case for most of us, you’re on a tight budget but don't want to resort to instant mac 'n cheese every other day.  

Since it’s the holiday season and that means a lot of culinary highs and lows (fruit cake, anyone?), we also asked Chef Lo about her best and worst holiday meals.

The worst?

"I once went to a Passover Seder at a friend of a friend's house when I was in college.  Everything was completely dry. I don't even think there was any seasonings used.  The best part of the meal by far was the plain matzo from a box."

And, more importantly, the best:

"One year when I was in cooking school in Paris, a friend hosted an expat Thanksgiving.  He made foie gras stuffing and put truffles in the turkey.  There were brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and we started the evening with champagne.  My tradition for the holiday is based on this meal."

Check out the Panna’s website to see more personal insights and cooking tips from Anito Lo’s fellow Chefs.  If you like what you see you can sign up for a bimonthly subscription through the app store on iPad or iPhone, each of the six annual issues featuring 13 seasonal 10-minute video recipes.

Happy Cooking!