The ChipShop!
British Classics in Brooklyn, NY

British Food in NYC! 


New York City is an immigrant’s mecca. People from around the world engage with one another, taste each other’s cuisines and become inspired by culture. However, many a time one relishes the taste of home. If coming from the shores of Britain or being familiar with the countries cuisine there is one place in New York that can satisfy that nostalgia.

The ChipShop in Brooklyn, New York recreates those tastes of Britain which are unforgettable. The approach is genuine and they are clear to convey it. The atmosphere is warm, with the walls being adorned with retro arts and crafts, and the place is inviting and unpretentious, seeking to be both real and fun as it echoes the typical London chip shop with the same smells of fried cod and condiment of pickles.

 Nothing is more delicious than trying their fish ‘n chips or diving into a homemade shepherd’s pie. The dishes are truly authentic with the flavors being right on point. The menu is uncomplicated and delivers on its promises of treating you to tasty food.

Not only are the savory items fantastic but the dessert items are great as well. Nothing can beat a twice fried cherry pie or the classic apple and blackberry crumble.  This place is an escape into an original and tasty treat built in the bustling streets of Brooklyn. If what is seeking is delicious straight forward dishes or to just to savior the flavors of Britain then this place is a real must.