Drinks to Keep You Warm!
It is beyond freezing outside, so we wanted to warm up with some hot cocktails.

With this crazy cold weather we've been having, it's natural to want to bundle up and not leave the house. That being said, what better excuse is there to grab a cocktail? Liquid long-johns could be just the thing to thaw you out, especially if they're served warm. Here's a list of delicious hot drinks to sip in the city, (and on the chance that you absolutely refuse to leave your apartment, we've found some recipes for you too).



Hot Chocolate Car Bomb

Whoever thought of putting these two things together is a genius. The winter classic gets spiked with stout beer, Jameson, and Bailey's Marshmallow for a rich treat. Order it for dessert. Or have it for dinner. No one could blame you.

The Redhead 349 E. 13th Street New York City, 10003

Pop's Cider

An innovative take on hard cider, this drink is a yummy blend of 1888, baked pumpkin jus, fall spices, and vanilla bean whipped cream. It will give you the cozy taste of fall during the dead of winter.

Distilled New York 211 West Broadway New York, NY 10013

John Dory Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy's are the quintessential warm cocktail. The John Dory Oyster Bar makes a totally traditional version with Knob Creek bourbon, lemon, honey, and spices. Sometimes simple is good.

John Dory Oyster Bar 1196 Broadway New York, NY 10001






Hot Buttery Nipple

This is only on the list because of the name. Kidding. Mostly. In all seriousness, this cocktail sounds out-of-this-world amazing.  Jameson infused with butter and cacao is warmed with demerara sugar and topped with whipped cream.

The Golden Cadillac 13 1st Avenue New York, NY 10003




At home:

Mulled Wine

Ina Garten (we could trust her to do anything) has a fast and easy recipe for mulled wine. Start with a bottle of red and some apple cider, then add a blend of spices and oranges. Boil, simmer, enjoy, and try not to drink the whole thing before your friends show up.





Hot Night in Normandy

Caramel and rum go together like delicious and... delicious. This cocktail requires a few more ingredients, and a lot more time, but will be worth the effort. Other liquors include Cruzan white rum and Calvados Menorval, an apple brandy.