Hale & Hearty: Chef Series
Four celebrated chefs will offer limited-edition soups for a good cause.

Winter in New York can be really brutal, especially with that recent arctic blast that swept across the East Coast and left everyone freezing beneath layers of padded jackets and scarves. On top of that, snowstorm Hercules coated the city streets in heaps of snow, which quickly transformed into dirty brown slush and pools of freezing water. Yuck!

With crazy weather like that, we’re going to need good soups to nurse the cold. Look no further than one of New York’s favorite soup spots — Hale & Hearty! This is the second year that Hale & Hearty is launching its Chef Series, a program where several of the city’s most renowned chefs each create a special soup to be served for a limited time. The company donates 10% of its proceeds to charity.

This year’s guest chefs are Geoffrey Zakarian, Marc Murphy, Andrew Carmellini and John DeLucie.

You may remember Zakarian as the winner of Iron Chef and the judge from Chopped. He also opened The Lambs Club at The Chatwal Hotel that features signature modern American cuisine. Zakarian’s Heirloom Bean Soup for Hale & Hearty is an exotic array of heirloom beans that are rich in fiber and unique in taste and texture. Proceeds from this soup will go to The Kimmins Terrier Foundation, an organization targeted to provide quality education and adult literacy programs to families in hopes of breaking the poverty cycle and improving communities. This soup will be served from January 13 to 24.

As the chef and restaurateur of Kingside, Landmarc ,and Ditch Plains, Murphy’s passion for French-Italian cooking is reflected in Landmarc, while his new restaurant Kingside features a menu that flirts with French, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Complete with tender braised beef and juicy oyster mushrooms, his Beef Barley with Mushrooms and Kale is flavorful and savory, with farm fresh vegetables swimming in the warm broth. This soup supports City Harvest, a food rescue organization that prides itself in feeding New York’s hungry men, women and children. This soup will be served from January 27 to February 7.

Carmellini is an award-winning chef and restaurateur with an equally impressive reputation to boot. With two James Beard awards under his belt, he opened The Dutch in SoHo with his partners. When Florida called later that year, they planted one in Miami Beach too. Carmellini crafted the Coconut Curry Buternut Squash from his cookbook “American Flavor,” ideal for the winter. It’s a luscious blend of butternut squash, sweet and creamy coconut milk and the gentle spice of fresh ginger. Sales from this savory soup will go to Food Bank for New York City, which strongly strives to curb food poverty across New York City.
This soup will be served from February 10 to 21.

DeLucie is the proprietor of The Lion, King Cole Bar at the St. Regis, and Bill’s Food & Drink. His Chicken Pot Pie is a luxurious spin on the classic soup, featuring a medley of fresh vegetables and tender white meat chicken. Green peas bob on the creamy surface of the broth, which is rich and succulent in flavor. Proceeds from this soup will help two charities: The Children’s Defense Fund champions policies and programs that lift children out of poverty and protects them from abuse and neglect. It also ensures that kids have access to health care, education and a moral and spiritual foundation. Through international cultural immersion and community service programs for young adults, Global Learning Across Borders hopes to educate and inspire people to become more responsible citizens. This soup will be served from February 24 to March 7.

Don’t miss out on the chance to try delicious limited-edition soups and support a good cause!   

Images provided by Hale & Hearty