Brand New Delicious!
New Year and new places to try


New York City is saturated with food establishments the types of cuisines are endless only limited by ones imagination. Here is a list of freshly opened eateries in the city! 



There are a huge number of restaurants that open in the city every year but only a few stand out from the rest. Seeking the unexpected then trying Khe-Yo is shall do the trick.The menu is of Laos origin. It seeks to include dishes from the South East Asian region. One such dish featured is the Bamboo Grilled Ginger Quail. And the Berkshire Spare Ribs.  

157 Duane St, New York, NY 10013


                                                                                  The Elm - King & Grove


 Moving into a different spectrum of the culinary journey, then French inspired delicacies at The Elm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn should not be missed.

The restaurant serves dishes such as gnudi with scallops and spring onions.The menu is a hearty dive into the french cuisine but still has a hearty flare. The sea food dish of Vongole Garlic, Manila clam and Razor clam sounds too enticing. 


 160 N 12th St, Brooklyn, New York 11249


                                                                                  Golden Cadillac

Feeling a tad nostalgi? Why not drop into the 70's inspired restaurant,  The Golden Cadillac? 

It’s a fun way to transport your taste buds to the era. Their menu features classic dishes such as Steak Diane and Shrimp Louie. And be sure to try their monte cristo minis. 


13 First Ave New York, NY 10003 





And last but not least, nothing could be more inviting than devouring a steak. M. Wells Steakhouse, located on Long Island City, has the well known dishes done right. They are robust, which  is, of course, to be expected of a steakhouse. The menu features classics like the grilled steak and the scallop and potato dish.


43-15 Crescent St  Long Island City, NY 11101


A common thread is found through all of these places: they appreciate thier ingredience and bring forward dishes which are both simple in preparation and complex in flavor. Nothing can be more delicious than trying a dish which satisfies and makes one feel right at home.