Wolf of Wall Street Inspired Cocktails at Andaz Wall Street
Celebrate DiCaprio's Golden Globes Win with these Scrumptious Cocktails

  If you're as obsessed with The Wolf of Wall Street as we are, then you'll definitely appreciate these cocktails being served for a limited time only at Andaz Wall Street Hotel. The only hotel on Wall Street, Andaz is the perfect locale for drinking and festivities with the Wolf in mind. 

The hotel’s bar, Bar Seven Five's , will feature a Wolf of Wall Street inspired cocktail menu serving creative cocktail creations priced at $14 each. The "Stockbroker"  is made with sweet vermouth, demerara syrup, a touch of absinthe, and bitters and is garnished with a lemon pigtail and served in a rock glass. The "White Collar" is a gin-based drink made with lemon juice and crème de cassis, garnished with a blackberry and served in a flute glass. And the "4pm" is a mix of cognac with crème de cacao and fresh cream, topped with grated nutmeg. Stop by Andaz for some after work cocktails and feel like Jordan Belfort and the gang- minus all the drug use of course.