Hawaiian Cupcake/Pizzeria/Fine Dining Restaurant To Open
Worlds collide in one establishment: Hawaii Cupcake Factory, Inc.

Take a fine dining establishment, then add 75 cupcake varieties, a menu of flatbreads, a touch of surf 'n' turf, and a hint of tropical decor, and you've got...Hawaii Cupcake Factory! This intriguing medley comes together when the restaurant opens this spring (expected April 10). Meant to be an "upscale casual dining facility," the anticipated eatery will offer Caribbean-inspired dishes and gourmet cupcakes in Tribeca, Manhattan.

According to the press release, Chef Day, who studied Patisserie & Baking at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy and is originally from Belize, was inspired to start this restaurant from childhood memories of exotic, Caribbean dishes. Her husband's culinary past from the deep South also plays a large part in the menu, which features dishes like Lobster Flatbread, Blackened Salmon, and the Belizean Stew Chicken. Meanwhile, the list of gourmet cupcakes includes classics like Bugzy, a carrot-cake with cream cheese frosting, and other innovative creations, like the Caliente, chocolate with raspberry and chipotle frosting and a chocolate pepper. 

Hawaii Cupcake Factory also started a Kickstarter campaign, where you can donate (and get cupcakes in return). The exact location of the restaurant is yet to be announced.