Anthony Bourdain to Open New Market!
Serving a variety of international street food.

Chef and world-traveller Anthony Bourdain has made a name for himself by exploring all things culinary, and specifically has embraced the popular cuisine from cultures all over the world, focusing on the food real people actually eat wherever he goes. Recently, he announced his plan to bring some of those foods home to his native NYC by opening a large food market, which will serve many varieties of international street food

In an email to Eater, The Parts Unknown star described the process of "carefully assembling a dream list of chefs, operators, street food and hawker legends from around the world" in order to bring the vibrant street food culture of cities like Singapore to the Big Apple. The market will offer street food dishes that represent diverse cuisines, from Hong Kongese dai pai dong to street tostadas from Ensenada. He also said that he wants to highlight "home grown innovators" alongside his hand-picked cadre of international street food geniuses, and especially seeks to make the market a place for young, up-and-coming New York chefs to "showcase their stuff."

Bourdain will be partnering with entrapreneur Stephen Werner (of WiNK Retail Group), who has his own ideas and buisiness savvy to contribute to the project. Werner also revealed that he and Bourdain will be "creating some very cool and unexpected pop-ups" between now and the market opening, which will offer previews of the different foods and cuisines that will be incorperated into the final market. We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for those, so rest assured we'll have the scoop on where and when you can get your street food on as soon as word hits the street. As for market itself, no location has been formally announced, but rumor has it that 3 World Trade Center and Hudson Yards are both strong contenders. 

For more on Bourdain, check out his tumblr (we know, right?! Tony Bourdain has a tumblr!), or the sites for his two main shows, Parts Unknown and No Reservations.