Looking Ahead: Slow Wine 2014
An Evening of Good Wine with Great Roots

Now here is something we can get behind: a food and wine company with ties to the community.  Slow Food is a global grassroots organization that aims to combine the glory of good food with the sustainability of local culture.  Some of the projects that Slow Food is involved with include promoting biodiversity, offering classes in food appreciation and making health conscious choices, as well as engaging young people in a positive way through the Slow Food Youth Network.  By adhering to a policy of promoting food that is good, clean, and fair, Slow Food aims to connect people internationally by a common philosophy of delicious and environmentally conscious agriculture and

In addition to being a socially conscious, forward thinking organization, Slow Food has also branched out to include a wine program that operates in tandem with its mission statement and overarching goals called Slow Wine.  Slow Wine is releasing its sophomore English language wine guide that feature Italian wines exclusively and are Slow Food-approved as good, clean, and fair.  The launch will be honored at an event that gathers more than 50 producers from 15 Italian regions on a United States tour through Chicago, San Francisco, and wrapping up in New York on February 3rd.

Not sure about you, but we are counting down the days.

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