Getting Their Schnitz Together
Schnitz, a food business that blogs about trying to start a restaurant in NYC, finally has a location

Three years ago, a gang of restaurateurs wanted to start their own food company called Schnitz. The problem was that opening a restaurant in New York City is a tough job, and the three had never done anything like it before. As a possible solution, they started blogging about their experiences, from developing a logo to working on their menu. The goal was to build a community for feedback and to chronicle their struggles and successes in case anyone wanted to follow in their footsteps. In late December, Schnitz nailed down their first brick-and-mortar location.

Schnitz is all about schnitzel, which is a breaded and fried chicken, pork, or veal cutlet, with unusual toppings. The menu is filled with sandwiches like the Bamberg, chicken with caramelized onion mustard and pickled onions, daikon, shallots, and ginger on a pretzel hero; or the the Grumpy Russian, pork with gorgonzola spread, "Schnitz greens," and pickled cherries on a black baguette. 

The company was founded by Allon Yosha and brother and sister Yoni and Donna Elrich. The trio's first restaurant location is in the East Village, in the same spot where Something Sweet had closed its doors July of 2012. The place still looks pretty empty on the inside, but a sign on the window states the company is "Getting Our Schnitz Together."