Our Valentine's Day Sweets Gift Guide !
Sweets and treats that will make your Valentine giddy

Valentine's Day is a day for love and romance, but more importantly, it is a day where you can stuff your face with chocolates, baked goods, and wine without judgement. So we're rounding up some of the most delightful, sexy, and lush sweets and other treats just in time for your V Day celebrations!



Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lips 

Chef Francois Payard is making it easier to send a kiss this Valentines Day with his Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lips. Each box of 18-count chocolate lips, packaged in a chic red clutch, comes with an edible  white chocolate raspberry lipstick. Boxes are priced at $55 and can be found here

Neuhaus Chocolates


Neuhaus' Valentine's Day Collection "Heart to Heart" feautures a collection of truffles and other chocolate assortments sure to catch your Valentine's eye. Their heart-shaped leather boxes, priced at $65, contain a 30-piece assortment of new and classic praline and ganache flavors. Larger and smaller boxes are also available and each box can be customized in the store for a personal touch to an amazingly sweet gift. 


 This luxurious chocolate brand is celebrating Valentine's Day with an exquisite collection of dark chocolate offered in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Our favorite Armani/Dolci treat this year is their 16-piece praline set. This set features an assortment of refined dark chocolate pralines with unique flavors like saffron cream, coffee gianduja, blueberry cream, and Italian chili pepper. Sets are priced at $38 each. 





Chocolove Bars

Let the chocolate do the work for you this Valentine's Day. Romance your significant other with these delicious chocolate bars in succuclent flavors like cherries and almonds, ginger, and peppermint and dark chocolate. Each bar comes with a secret love poem inside so you can really sweep your lover off their feet. A case of 12 bars sells for $33.50!


Vosges' Heart Caramel Bonbon Collection 

Not only are these light pink heart-shaped shells adorable, they're delicious as well. Each bonbon is filled with luscious Fluer de Sel caramel. These cute little hearts make the perfect treats for you and your Valentine. Purchase your boxes here for jus $15!







Jacques Torres Sauces


Spice up your Valentine's Day with these delectably sweet sauces. Choose from Love Tonic (fudge sauce), Raspberry Body paint (raspberry caramel sauce), or Body Butter (creamy caramel sauce). Top your favorite desserts with these creamy sauces or spread em all over your favorite Valentine. You get the point... ;)

Tormaresca Neprica

Nothing goes better with chocolates than a nice glass of red wine. If you're on a budget this year, but still want to have a luxurious Valentine's Day, trying pairing your sweets with Tormaresca Neprica red wine. This Marchesi Antinori, hailing from Puglia, boasts fragrant aromas of black cherry and soft violet notes on the nose, complemented by hints of red fruit. Even better, each bottle is priced at only $12.





Cheval des Andes


If you want to splurge and impress your Valentine, then this bottle of 2009 red wine hailing from Argentina, will defintely do the trick. This full-bodied wine has a splendid perfume of espresso, black cherry and black raspberry that will leave your taste buds tingling. Bottles are priced at $80, which in our opinion is well worth it.

Bantam Bagels 


Nothing is more romantic than breakfast in bed. So how about serving up your Valentine some creatively concocted Bantam Bagels for their Valentine's Day breakfast. Their Valentine's Box includes 3 uniquely flavored bagel bites.  The Cookies & Milk bantam (brown sugar walnut bagel filled with sweet walnut cream cheese), the Red Velvet bantam (red velvet bagel filled with cream cheese icing cream cheese), and the French Toast bantam (cinn nutmeg egg bagel filled with a buttery maple syrupy cream cheese) come in your adorable 12-piece box of bagel goodness. Boxes are priced at $11.50 each.