Sweets For The Sweet At Epicerie Boulud
Overdose on delicious-ness.

Forget generic, let's go for the good stuff. Pink champagne and chocolate truffles in a heart-shaped box made completely out of chocolate. 

 ...Need we say more? 

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and settling for less-than-spectacular in terms of gift giving is unacceptable!  Luckily, Epicerie Boulud, located at 1900 Broadway at 64th Street,  has turned its production up a notch to provide you with the perfect tasty treat for you to give to your special someone. 

 While the boxes of chocolates found at every pharmacy and grocery store in Manhattan can be nice, why not go above and beyond to score major points with your loved one this year?  You can really show how much you care by spending a little more on a lavish dessert to be enjoyed in each other's company.

Few delicacies can be as charming as the chocolate-covered strawberry, and this succulent delight is just the beginning of the goodies, which you’ll find when you approach the pastry case.  You’ll be happy to see
cherry and raspberry macarons waiting for you to sink your teeth into, and raspberry- or passion fruit-chocolate bonbons can be bought by the box, giving you even more to enjoy and savor than the regular gift boxes that you see every year.  Really, the choice is up to you: processed chocolates with gentle undertones of fake fruit and disappointment, or a burst of strawberry, a bite of passion fruit, and the sweet, smooth filling in one of those macarons.

 We're sure we know which you'll choose, and these are just the small-bite options! 

 Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate that literally says “I love you.”  Add in the fruity flavor of candied strawberries along with a bite of marshmallows, and forget having your heart stolen; this chocolate treat will have you giving it away.  Considering that you’re hopelessly devoted to the love of your life, you can even purchase one of the various gift box collections which feature a little bit of everything.  That way, you won’t even need to decide which sweet is the best – you can have them all! 

 Finally, don't worry if you don't have the time to visit this purveyor of delectable goodies.  You can visit their website and order gift-baskets online to be shipped during the Valentine's Day season!

 Cookies, fruits, cakes, and so much more.  You can go for the boring generic chocolate boxes this year, or the person you love can be blown away by luscious, sweet, and extraordinary desserts which do more than exceed expectations, much like you did in choosing Epicerie Boulud.  Great job, maybe you even deserve a treat yourself.