Battle of the Ballpark Bistro: Citi Field vs. Yankee Stadium
New ballparks means new food

With the argument of who has the better new ballpark- Citi Field or Yankee Stadium, comes another quarrel. Who has the better food?! There is nothing like going to a ball game and grabbing some great fare while you are at it. With the development of brand new stadiums for both the Mets and the Yankees comes brand new menus. Fans are no longer satisfied with the old time food of a hot dog or cheeseburger. They want something new, something better, especially if paying close to 15 bucks a person on top of the rising cost of ticket prices.

The solution? New concessions. The Yankees answer to the increasing push for better food in the ballparks comes with such items as steak sandwiches and hand rolled sushi. The Mets have responded with a barbeque stand, soft tacos, and even a new concession titled Catch of the Day serving up fresh seafood. Sure beats a greasy chicken finger basket doesn’t it?

Who has the better grub? Guess you will just have to grab a seat and check it out for yourself because critics have been going to both sides on this contest. Looks like a whole new Subway Series in the works. [NYtimes]