Sloppy Seconds
Delicatessen chef asked to make edible food on national television.

SoHo’s trendy eatery, Delicatessen, faces scrutiny as Executive Chef Michael Ferraro moves towards the final round of the Food Network's Chopped -- well barely. Judges Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy, and Scott Conant gave Ferraro the most brutal condemnation on the last episode because of his improper handling of food.

New York Magazine reported Conant accused Chef Ferraro of not knowing how to use calamari and scolded, “You have a responsibility to serve edible product to the people you’re cooking for.”

Conant further criticized the chef by saying, "If this was a group of rising stars, this was very immature food at best.”

Although Ferraro did make somewhat of a comeback with some of his other dishes, he still came in second to contender John Lawson of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, The London.

Ferraro shouldn’t be judged solely from criticism on the show, but for all you frequent Delicatessen’ers, I’d think twice about taking a glance at the menu. You be the judge.