Cupcakes for the Elite
I'd like some pomp with my Grand Marnier please

In an event that’s too hilarious/sad to be made up, Red Velvet at 174 Rivington St. will be the first exclusive cupcake lounge. 

Except it isn’t just a cupcake store, it will be the first (and by god it better be the last) cupcake dispensary with doormen. The uber-lounge will feature a pretentious, Eldridge-style door policy, so you better not be overweight and in sweats if you expect to get in.

For those peons among us who ignore the kind of bar that has laser engraved access cards saying “Guest of Matt Levine,” the Eldridge is a year old restaurant where the only way to get in is to be famous or a dear friend of the owner. Guests can’t even bring their friends, according to the owner himself

Two employees of Levine’s Eldridge, Jason Lawrence and Cole Bernard have opened the new space, drawing influence and products from around the city. The unique alcoholic cupcakes are by Baked by Melissa, and cocktails are crafted by mixologist Charlotte Voisey

The owners also hope to adopt the Eldridge’s in-club status but not at the expense of locals. In an interview with Eater.com the pair said, “I want to share the space and the experience with as many people as we can. The space will dictate. There will be times when it will be a little more difficult to get in.”

Perhaps cupcakes paired with cocktails was the inevitable conclusion of the cupcake popularity explosion, however this may be just a precursor to the cupcake's totally logical conclusion.