I Like A Restaurant Dressed In Tweed
This is A Don Draper Kind of Joint

If Mad Men was set in 2010, you’d find the cast hanging out at Tweed. Located on 12th Street between Walnut and Sansom, this chic eatery opened earlier this year thanks to hotelier Edward Bianchini and Chef David Cunningham. Bianchini, a Philly native, owns the award winning hotel and restaurant Les Muscadins located near Cannes. Chef Cunningham has worked under Eric Ripert (often seen on Top Chef) and acted as Executive Chef at the Lenox Room and Petrossian (both in New York City).

There isn’t any wonder why everything about Tweed shines.

While you glance over the menu, sip one of Tweed’s original cocktails. If you're smooth like Don Draper, get a Boss Tweeds Buying (rye whiskey, cucumber and ginger beer). If you're more of a Joan Harris, go with a Sansom Street Smash (cachaca, grapefruit and rosemary). Order the Cheesesteak Croquettes for an appetizer. These bite-sized cheesesteak nuggets served atop sweet onion and tomato compote are nothing shy of brilliant .

Standout entrees include the Magret Duck Breast served with a corn and peach cake and the Lamb-burger topped with sheep's milk, yogurt, dill and cucumber. You must leave room for dessert or another cocktail at the mahogany bar, Mad Men style.

Menu prices range from $5-$29 with all burgers coming in at $12. If you’re really watching your wallet, visit Tweed between 5pm and 7pm Monday-Saturday and take advantage of their happy hour specials which include discounted drinks and appetizers.


114 South 12th Street

Philadelphia, PA