A Very Friedman Thanksgiving
There is more than one way to carve a Turkey.

While your family is sitting down to carve the turkey and pass the gravy next Thursday, ours will just be beginning our Thanksgiving cooking. See, we do things a little differently in my family. Thanksgiving happens on Friday in the Friedman household. What started as a way to get two Thanksgivings for the price of one has turned into an opportunity to share a bit of our family with friends who would otherwise be busy with their own celebrations. That is always the problem with Holidays isn’t it?  Finding a way to see everyone in one day.

And, of course we need that extra day. As one of the most important holidays in the Friedman Family, Thanksgiving involves major homework and a serious game plan. It begins at least a month in advance. I scour cooking magazines, websites, and blogs, looking for the recipes that will come together to create the perfect Friedman feast. After I’ve narrowed it down to three or four options per “category” - you would be surprised by the number of ways mashed potatoes can be done - the rest of the family weighs in, consensus is found, and we all go to work on our chosen dishes.

Every year we are amazed at how well things come together. Whether it is a favorite dish, smashed rutabagas with caramelized pears comes to mind, or a favorite memory – the year we tried turducken was certainly an experience – Thanksgiving never disappoints. And what has made it the  most special to me is how splendidly the weeks of planning and the days of cooking create those perfect few hours of laughing and sharing this carefully crafted, and outrageously delicious, meal with those that we love.

So go visit your friend who has been bragging about her Grandmother’s famous pecan pie for years or the coworker with the amazing green bean casserole on Thursday. Friday, take a turn at your home. I know that that’s when we’ll be hosting at the Friedman household.