First Course

Delicious Debut: Angus Club Steak House

We’ve recently written about how, with new additions like Arco Cafe, the Midtown East culinary scene has been developing in interesting new ways. And, while the coffeehouse and tapas crowd welcome Arco, fans of the new American steakhouse also have reason to celebrate. Opened on January 27th, Angus Club Steak House is one of the newest of a number of new Midtown steakhouses, and has already started to bring formidable game to the table. A group of industry-star owners (including husband-and-wife team Tara Pizzi and Aldin Gacevic) have set out on a mission to, as Gacevic says, “tweak” the idea of the classic steakhouse, expanding on classic themes to bring the modern and the traditional together.”

Weekend Pick: Federal Donuts Opening at U City Location

The newest outpost of Federal Donuts just opened this Monday, so now’s the time to check out the new delicious combinations of donuts and fried chicken before the collegiate crowd returns from Spring Break. The new chicken flavors include Moussa (which includes parsley, onion, saffron and cumin), Buffalo Ranch and Pad Thai. For the uninitiated, donuts and coffee are at 7am, fried chicken is at 11am, and they’re sold until they run out.

Fried chicken and donuts: just the brunch you need after a night of St Paddy’s Day frolicking.

What: Federal Donuts Opening at U City Location

When: Sunday, March 17th

Where: 1632 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA

Weekend Pick: Bacon Fest By Sex On The Table

Bacon Fest, it's a real thing. Six courses of creative culinary concoctions featuring bacon as the main ingredient, all prepared by the expert hands of ChefFed and Chef Sean Chudoba for the private dining pleasure of Sex on the Table Social Club members. This event is the first of the private dining season hosted by ChefFed, but with nothing but bacon-infused and inspired courses on the menu, this year's events have nowhere go but up from here.

Delicous Debut: The Merchant

Downtown Crossing welcomes a new member to the neighborhood. His eloquent mystique and sexy charm has a tendency to captivate all. And he’s surely dressed to impress with a temptingly delightful beer selection. With 36 tap lines a-flowing at his luxurious “40-foot oak bar,” The Merchant welcomes everyone in Boston to come on in, relax and join the fun.

The site of the venue originally belonged to a leather merchant for a total of 92 years. Presently, a new type of “merchant” has taken over the ropes…fully stocked to delight Beantown with a top-notch variety of beer “on draft, and in bottle & can.” Although a spotlighted factor, The Merchant has other delectable qualities besides its tasty beers. The Merchant knows how to please and soothe everyone’s needs, also offering guests a unique wine listing containing 3 on tap wines, and amazing cocktails.

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Celebrate National Macaron Day with a Macaron Crawl

On March 20th, enjoy a day chalk full of free tastings, as you celebrate one of the world's greatest cookie, the French macaron. Yes, it's time for the best of cookie traditions, National Macaron Day, during which macaron shops across the city join together in celebration of this singular confection.

Simply go to any participating macaron shop and say you're there for Macaron Day and they give you a free macaron--that's all there is to it. They even prepared a convenient map of all participating locations, so you can pick the one closest to you or plan out your mad dash to get as many as possible.

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Drunkin' Donuts Are Just What They Sound Like
Brazilia Café Opens This Spring!

A detail-focused, high-quality café is coming to Noho this spring: Brazilia Café! The marketplace boasts a 60-seat dining area and an impressive coffee station, along with features like a juice bar, salad station, soup & sandwich bar, bakery, and gelateria.

One of the most notable elements of Brazilia Café, as their name suggests, is their Brazilian coffee bar, featuring Brazilia's unique beans, which are grown and harvested on their own plantation. The eatery's Coffee Concierge service crafts a variety of javas, including espresso, and roasts the beans in-house. You can even watch them do it! The coffee can also be prepared to an individual customer's liking, from french press, to Chemex, to traditional fresh drip processes.

Sunday is National Meatball Day!

The internet is a magical place, folks. It's filled with weird YouTube videos, scams, niche memes that only a few understand, and a boatload of awesome meatball recipes. Luckily for you, Joonbug.com sifted through the latter pile and found the most baller (see what we did there?) ways to celebrate National Meatball Day! If you're looking for a way to spice up drab spaghetti, are crazy for all things spherical, or just want to find a good vegetarian substitute, you've come to the right place.

If you are new to the world of internet recipes, then you may not have heard of Chef John from Food Wishes, a genius who might be the reigning champ in food porn. He makes witty (and not so witty) jokes, a DMX reference here or there, and some fantastic looking meals. In this recipe, Chef John gives us a few pointers in making The World's Fastest Meatballs, with no rolling, no frying, and no chopping, then proceeds to show viewers the most gorgeous bowl of spaghetti and meatballs ever.