First Course

Review: Lunch at Tres Carnes

Located just a few blocks away from Wall Street, it seems that Tres Carnes is the new wolf in town. With the opening of their third location in the Financial District, Tres Carnes has given the Chipotle across the street some serious competition. The Tex/Mex restaurant has only been open for a few weeks and business has been flowing since. The great part about Tres Carnes is that the meat is made fresh daily and you can absolutely taste the freshness in every bite. The brisket and pork slowly smokes for about 16 hours, whereas the chicken smokes for 1-5 hours.

Restaurant Week Review: Dinner at Fig & Olive

Restaurant Week is the time of the year when fancy eateries across Gotham City unleash three-course menus at affordable prices, so in case you’ve been dying to go to one — do it fast!

If you’re looking for a good dinner spot to splurge your $38 on, check out Fig & Olive. With locations in the Meatpacking District and Fifth Ave, this upscale restaurant entices you from the get-go — a tall display of extra virgin oils greet you at the front, and the rest of the space is beautifully furnished with limestone stucco walls, terra-cotta ceiling and gleaming candles fixed onto black olive branches designed from wrought iron. The center boasts a white marble bar, perfect for sipping wine while waiting to be seated... or for making small talk with that cute stranger two seats to your left.

Introducing the Perfect Bacon Bowl

It's about time someone did it, and by "it" we mean invent the bacon bowl. When creator Thom Jensen found himself in search of a way to make a serving dish as meaty as possible, he fell short of options. The solution? He created the Perfect Bacon Bowl, a product that allows you to produce a crispy, perfectly cooked version at home. Ellen's Stardust Diner, which will soon be featuring the food item on their menu, invited Joonbug.com to try these tasty treats this very morning.

Event Preview: Phantom Gourmet Wine and Food Phest

Each week viewers patiently wait in front of their TV’s, counting down the seconds till The Phantom Gourmet pops up on their screens. The delicious morsels of food that this show promotes entice audiences and illuminate their taste buds. Well the time for stepping out of your TV sullen insomnia is over, as Phantom Gourmet is coming to Boston. Get ready to be stuffed and inebriated with excitement, as Phantom Gourmets Wine and Food Phest takes wine connoisseurs and food junkies by storm.

Fat Tuesday 2014: Where to Eat in NYC

Don't let the snowy grounds confuse you: Mardi Gras is well on its way, and there is no reason why northerners cannot celebrate N’awlins style. Here are some of the best places to ring in your NYC Fat Tuesday they way it was intended to.

French Roast Uptown will be serving a special Mardi Gras menu with an accompanying cocktail list. The menu will feature chicken and andouille gumbo, as well as blackened catfish with dirty rice. Enjoy down home dishes with classic hurricanes, and try your luck with the king cake. The dessert has a small baby doll baked in, and whoever finds it in their slice gets a $25.00 gift card.

16 Gramercy Park S.

185 Orchard St.

131 Sullivan St.

Review: The Pitch & Fork Tackles the UES

Since all good things come in threes, it's no wonder that the latest (and third) restaurant to join Jacques Restaurant Group is a smash success. The Pitch & Fork has joined the ranks of Jacques Brasserie and Jacques 1534 as part of Jacque Ouari's restaurant conglomerate. Catering to the residents of the Upper East Side, The Pitch & Fork boasts hand-crafted cocktails and a fine French gastropub.

The Best of Spring in Beantown

It’s that time of the year to lock away wintertime blues, throw away the key and never look back. Savvy spring mojo is just around the corner with refreshing treats, and well, us city-goers surely know how to celebrate and impress with the most sumptuous seafood and ice cream around. Beantown is fully prepared to welcome its city into the best time of the year…so think and scrumptiously savorthese spring options!

Relish the first juiciest and crispiest “famous fried clams” of the season at The Original Clam Box. This casual, lively venue is the perfect place to embrace springtime, as it is located on the gorgeous Wollaston Beach. You can enjoy a sunny afternoon on the shore, pack a picnic blanket, and order your whole belly clams takeout style, or savor succulent clam strips in house! The Clam Box also serves a delicious variety of seafood on its menu, including scallops, oysters, shrimp, haddock, calamari, clam cakes and more. Other Clam Box options include mouthwatering burgers, buffalo wings, hot dogs, steak tips, gyros and more. Why not go for a buttery Lobster Salad Sub, or how about a Steak Bomb? Whichever you choose, The Clam Box will certainly not disappoint.

Rest in Inebriated Peace, Bottomless Brunches
Event Preview: Mardi Gras Food Fantasy at Louro!

Our stomachs are growling in anticipation for this Monday, March 3rd 2014, at 7 PM, as JoonBug has the privilege of attending a Mardi Gras-themed Nossa Mesa Supper Club Dinner, hosted by Chef David Santos at his West Village restaurant, Louro, located at 142 West 10th Street.

Inspired by his Um Segredo Supper Club, which became popular at his home in Roosevelt Island, Santos holds his Mesa dinners every Monday night at Louro, with each week’s menu featuring 5 to 7 courses themed to enhance whatever Santos is uniquely inspired by—everything from specific ingredients like uni, to popular culture touchstones, such as Game of Thrones and Mad Men. Dinners range from $65-$75 each, and guests often dine together at a communal table, much like if they were attending one of Santos’s private restaurants.

NYC Beer Week 2014: Go Craft Beer Bars!