First Course

Looking Ahead: The Red and White Bash

With the spring weather on the upswing, and sunlight making a more regular appearance in our everyday lives, what better way to enjoy an early May evening then by participating in a charitable wine event.

We can’t think of any.

The return of the Wine Enthusiast sponsored Red and White Bash will be taking the Manhattan Highline by storm with a 1940’s Havana themed ambiance, complete with an authentic bugalu live band called Spanglish Fly and over one hundred highly rated wines, beers and spirits, as well as food from five local restaurants.

NYY Steak is a Home-Run on April 7th

On Monday, April 7th, the Yankees will face the Baltimore Orioles, but for those who can't make the trek up to the Bronx to see the game in person, NYY Steak is giving an extraordinary viewing experience from midtown.

For those who come to watch the game, you can get the $27 Championship Plate (27, the number of World Series the Yankees have won, features prominently in all of the deals), which features a 27 ounce steak, a drink of your choice, and two free Yankee tickets to a home game. In addition, there will be faux-hawkers walking around with iconic ballpark treats, giveaways every inning, and free samples from the kitchen and bar.

Coming Up Soon: A Taste of Fifth 2014

As many Brooklynites are aware, it’s that time of year again: A Taste of Fifth is nigh! The annual festival, which will feature forty of the best restaurants from Park Slope’s 5th Avenue, has been a massive hit in previous years, and this year’s lineup looks to be no different. As you’ll see below, some of BK’s best food and drink will be coming out and celebrating with a wide array of tasty treats any foodie would be remiss to pass up.

What’s more, this evening of fabulous food and drink is actually for a good cause! Proceeds from A Taste of Fifth will benefit 14 Brooklyn-based charities, including Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Good Shepherd Services, and the Brooklyn Dream Factory.

Sonoma Wine at City Winery on April 2nd

So what’s the skinny on Sonoma?

Fast forward to the 1920’s: the 256 existing Sonoma wineries were hit hard by Prohibition, and commercial winemaking in Sonoma declined. By the time Prohibition was repealed in 1933, only around 50 of them were still in business. That lag lasted for decades, and it wasn’t until wine consumption in America began to increase (around the late 60’s, early 70’s) that Sonoma wine started making a comeback. When it did make that comeback, however, it was grand: the amount of wineries doubled and then tripled, and Sonoma built a reputation for itself as the producer of some of the best wines in America.

Weekend Pick: New York Culinary Experience

What: The New York Culinary Experience

When: Saturday and Sunday, April 5th and 6th, 9am-4:30pm

Where: The International Culinary Center, 462 Broadway, New York, NY

Introducing The World's First Ice Cream Cleanse

We are all familiar with the concept of a juice cleanse. For a few days your diet is restricted to pre-made juices in hopes they will clean out your system and enable you to lose a few pounds along the way. Well, what about the concept of an ice cream cleanse? It sounds too good to be true, but it's actually completely legitimate — and the tests are yielding some very interesting results.

Ice cream has been a “hot” commodity as far as food trends of 2014 go. Ice cream sandwiches have taken over as the new “portable dessert” (bye-bye donuts!), and “instant ice cream,” which is churned using liquid nitrogen, has become the latest experiment in restaurants all across the country. Therefore, it’s only natural that someone would jump onto the health-food bandwagon and figure out exactly how eating ice cream can benefit our bodies. Enter Kippy’s! Ice Cream Shop, located at 326 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, California, which is serving up a four-day ice cream and yoga cleanse (in a partnership with their neighboring yoga studio) which has yielded serious weight loss and stamina-related results!

Seemlessly Plated.com

The algorithm on any food-interested Facebook user may have generated an ad for Plated.com in recent weeks. The chef-designed meal service launched in October of 2012 and has backers behind the startup that include the co-Founder of Facebook.

Their mission is "to have as many people cooking as possible", as stated on Plated's background video. The perks of Plated appeal to busy New York life. Avoiding a visit to the store and worrying about how much of each ingredient to purchase allows busy professionals the time to cook meals.

Box Kite Finds a Home on St. Marks Place

The Lower East Side has more than its share of coffee shops and bars, yet Box Kite joined its line-up on St. Marks Place between 1st and A. The small counter space offers more than espresso and milk – it includes an innovative, eclectic, and unusual tasting menu.

Shop owners Cora Lambert and Erik Becker started out at the respected cafe RBC NYC. After that shop closed, they opened Box Kite as a pop up within Maslow 6, a Tribeca wine bar. Lambert and Becker took great care designing and setting up the brick and mortar location that will be Box Kite Coffee's permanent residence.

Virgola NYC is Offering $1 Oysters All Month Long

Like Oysters? Like not spending a lot of money?

Good news: Virgola, the oyster and Italian wine bar located in the West Village, will be offering delicious oysters all month long for the price of a candy bar at the dollar store. What could possibly be better than that?

The oyster selection will change everyday, but the price tag on will remain the same, just like your constant, hopeless love.

Mark Your Calendar for Le Gran Cercle in Le Gran Pomme

Wine enthusiasts, assemble! Especially the lovers of Bordeaux, Cabernet fiends, Right and Left Bank aficionados, and Francophiles. We have found the perfect way for you to dually celebrate your love of Bordeaux wines with the impending joy of spring: Le Grand des Vins de Bordeaux Wine Tasting on April 9th.

With the recent union of premier Merlot winemakers of the Right Bank with the premier Cabernet winemakers of the Left Bank, the newly christened Grand Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux organization has joined hands in welcoming over 200 chateaux to embark on a mission to expose wine drinkers the world over to this region’s magnificent product.