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Everything You Missed at The Village Voice's Choice Eats

Every Texan who comes in, right before they have the barbecue, they’re like “I have to have queso.” I feel like we’re the only ones in the city serving queso... I've been down there a couple of times as a kid, and it was just – just legitimate.

With a seal of approval from people who've made this food part of their lives, you know it’s the real deal! After all, nothing can make a person feel comfortable like a taste of their home. With food talks such as this, which provide education on cooking methods and combining different cuisines, Choice Eats changed from being solely a tasting event into a practical and relatable experience in education.

Legendary Mixologist Alex Kratena at The Langham, Boston

2012 was a memorable year for London’s very own world-esteemed mixologist Alex Kratena, as he was bestowed the proud title of “International Bartender of the Year.” The evening of Tuesday, April 1st (commencing at 7pm) will be an extraordinary date for Bostonians, as Kratena will be guest bartending at The Langham, Boston’s eloquent BOND lounge & restaurant.

Louro to Offer Captain America & Game of Thrones Dinners

Winter may have officially ended last week, but Mother Nature seems to be resisting the tides of change. Just last night, NYC experienced flirtatious flurries, which was no shock at all, despite the fact that we are swiftly approaching April. Winter 2014 has been one for the books with snowstorm upon snowstorm, arctic temps that lasted for days, and winds that would frighten the Titans. That being said, it seems perfectly fitting that we should honor and celebrate it; Chef David Santos is doing just that.

Following a theme of winter, these menus will honor both the new film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the fourth season of Game of Thrones, which sports the tagline, “Winter is Coming.” Each dinner will be offered on different dates, and guest who attend both (March 31st and April 7th) will save 25% on the second dinner.

Food & Wine at 92Y This April

For the month of April, 92Y, a non-profit community and cultural center, will be hosting many food and wine events that includes wine and spirits tastings, talks with big names in the food business as well as some cooking demos.

Check out the full list of events below!

Declared by Congress to be a “distinctive product of the United States.”, Bourbon has defined America. For this talk join author Dane Huckelbridge for a talk and tasting of bourbon on the publishing date of his new book, Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit.

NYC's First Cupcake ATM

Inspired by the unpredictable cravings of a pregnant woman, the Cupcake ATM can dispense up to four cupcakes at one time, including doggie cupcakes (which are sugar free and made with yogurt, so they’re pup friendly!), being sold at 2 for $5. The touch screen system allows you to make selections like a bank ATM would, and a claw retrieves the one you want, stored in an adorable brown and pink cardboard box.

The machine holds an incredible 760 cupcakes, with 20 different varieties that, yes, do include vegan red velvet. It is restocked at all hours by Sprinkles' employees, who bake the goods round the clock for guaranteed freshness. And if cupcakes aren’t your treat of choice, no worries: Sprinkles hopes to add the options for brownies and cookies by the end of next month.

Weekend Pick: Philadelphia Distilling Tour

Led by the distillery’s talented distillers, guests will get an exclusive look at the process behind everything from Bluecoat American Dry Gin, to Vieux Carré Absinthe, all while witnessing American history in person. Not only will guests take a tour of the facility, but attendees will also get a chance to taste the distillery’s complete range of premium spirits. This alcohol connoisseur’s dream tour offers two time slots, the first beginning at 2:00pm, and the second at 4:00pm. Don’t miss out on this fun, and informative way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

What: Philadelphia Distilling Tour

When: Saturday, March 29th, 2pm & 4pm

Where: Philadelphia Distilling, 12285 McNulty Rd. #105, Philadelphia, PA

Today is National Spinach Day!

Now we’ve come to the life-talk part. Let’s be real, sometimes spinach doesn’t taste very good, and that’s probably why it has a little bit of a bad reputation. After all, overcooked bitter greens taste like sadness and those great attempts at “all natural energy drinks” usually result in a horrifically chunky concoction which we really don't want to talk about. Therefore, we dove into the Joonbug.com kitchen and played around with some ideas until we produced two delicious recipes created for just you! Bring our green friend into your world, we promise it won’t bite.


Savoury Takes Upscale Indian to the UWS

New York doesn’t lack for middling Indian restaurants, but truly great Indian food can be hard to find. Surya, the West Village spot that New York Magazine claimed was better than an Indian mother’s home cooking, closed down a little over a year ago, and left a hole in our Seamless accounts and our hearts.

Now the owners of Surya have returned triumphant, with a brand new restaurant, Savoury. Chef Lala Sharma, who learned his trade at one of the most renowned restaurants in New Delhi, is going even further to improve upon the highlights of Surya.

Weekend Pick: The Second Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

There are some people who live for that tastebud-annihilating, lip-burning, sweat-inducing rush that comes after eating incredibly spicy food. For all who prefer to swim in the high end of the Scoville scale, this weekend is your national holiday.

With almost 50 different hot sauce vendors, there’s sure to be one that’ll make you tear up. Come try the bevy of food, beer, and of course endless hot sauce varieties so and spend the whole day experimenting in mouth-numbing bliss.It’s the second annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo, two days dedicated to everything spicy and tasty. Doors are at 10am with events running all day Saturday and Sunday, including a Lollipop Lick-A-Thon, a Bloody Mary Mix Down Championship, and the official Screaming Mi Mi Awards Ceremony on Saturday at 4pm. The truly brave amongst you can even participate in the eating competitions yourselves.

When: Saturday and Sunday, March 29th- 30th, 10am

Where: Penn Plaza Pavillion, 401 7th Ave., New York, NY

Clambake and Burger Night at Bo's Kitchen & Bar Room

For all of you lovers of clambakes and burgers, New Orleans inspired restaurant, Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room has good news: starting Monday, March 31st, guests are welcome to partake in a share-able clambake with shrimp and Andouille sausage, or a brand new burger created by Chef Todd Mitgang, which will be debuted on March 31st. Said burger will be an impressive 8 ounce beef patty capped with Adirondack cheddar, baby arugula, heirloom tomato, red onion, and spicy aioli, served on a house-made bun.

And that’s not all! Additional Monday night specials include three varieties of roasted oysters.

At Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room, the fun doesn’t stop with Mardi Gras. Feel like you’ve crossed the Mason-Dixon line as you join them for Clambake and Burger Mondays; it will be staycation your taste buds will never forget.