Melo-X : Mustafa The GodKing: Rise of The Merch review

The Holy Trinity has returned with this highly acclaimed follow up album to the classic, “Mustafa The God King: Rise of The Merch.” The triple threat DJ, Producer, and Mc, Melo-X unleashes the spirit and core of Hip Hop in this funkadelic genre expanding piece of art, armed with a cavalry of ill features like the dope poetic Nikki Ntu and Jesse Boykins the 3rd. Melo dismantles the formula of the mainstream and cooks up a self portrait of his rhythmic interior. As far as lyrical content, the God approaches each beat on complete BEASTMODE, offering us tons of quotables as well as double entendre bars and subliminal gems. Mustafa is pure originality, majestic content. I love the theme of the album and its magically assorted production over all.


Yyyeeeaa Boi (Pop's voice) calling all Outkast fans and Big Boi enthusiasts to Miami's Grand Central concert the TRINUMERAL featuring Mochipet, Mayday, ArtOfficial, Juan Basehead, and Bowie Van Ling. Welcome yourself to the presence of Sir Lucious Leftfoot and his funkadelic performance. Tickets are still on sale so waste not a second and be there with the rest of the world.


“Norway” by Beach House:

I can’t help but BANG this song at least 7 times whenever I hear it. The out of tune guitar riffs, and soulful voice is like riding a heaven bound chariot in space, no lie. The lyrics are quite cryptic but none the less absolutely heartfelt. There’s some type of ethereal resonance with the guitar (Alex Scally) combined with Victoria Legrand (front woman and Organ). Mi simply loves it…

“Cygnus Vismund Cygnus” by The Mars Volta:

Nikki NTU vs. Brainfeeder

Get into the rhythm, get into the word, and get in tuned with hip hop’s spirit shocking it’s still, warm, cadaver bringing the essence of our culture back to life for a brief moment in history.

Nikki Ntu vs. Brain Feeder: Medulla Dinner EP is a scintillating, symphonic, 7 track long original work of art, with a metaphysical subtext, gritty but gorgeous New York flow encompassing love and intellect over eclectic transient beats. The theme of the album is cooked to perfection in the intro entitled “dinner plate” produced by Teebs. The intro sets the standard of substance where you hear this vivid bell funk with a bullhorn effect vocal in the background talking as if to a class about cracking open human skulls and eating the dark melanin found in the center of the brain (if that does not set the bar I don’t know what will). The sample is hypnotic and the message purely esoteric.


The long awaited album by the illness dominant mastermind producer of this new age of Hip Hop has arrived. Thoroughly lacing heat with a jazzified funk bursting into every tracks paradigm unifying tight verses over bomb instrumentals, Ski opens the album up with “Nothin but us” featuring Curren$y & Smoke Dza. The song manifests with a smooth, jazzy, smokers anthem and a triumphant horn loop. Each verse catches the essence of the beat not too fancy or mongering but mellow rider tunes. Though the intro is raw, “Go” featuring Jim Jones and Curren$y over shines production wise unfortunately not on lyrical delivery. Why Ski chose to throw Jones silly verse on this chrysanthemum of a beat is beyond me.