Chat With YouTube Star Keenan Cahill
Exclusive interview with one of the web's most popular artists.
Keenan Cahill is YouTube's newest star.  With his lip synced versions of today's hottest songs, this 15 year old high school freshman has shown the world a thing or two about overcoming physical adversity.  A resident of Chicago, Keenan was born with a rare genetic disease called MPS Type 6.  In 1997 he received a bone marrow transplant, but in 2010, Keenan blew everyone away with his amazing talent on YouTube performing songs such as Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and has appeared on talk show Chelsea Lately. We had the opportunity to chat with Keenan and talk a bit about the inspiration behind the sensation.  Check it out.
Did you plan on calling Chelsea Handler a cougar when you went on her show?

My manager said something about doing it before I went on so I picked the thing about the cougar because it seemed funny.

How do you feel that your videos are getting 15 million hits?  Do you want to continue it?

Feels really good.  It's somewhere I want to be.  It's really cool.  Thanks to Katy Perry for tweeting it first and making it so big and to Chelsea Handler for having me on the show.

I'm really trying to get into acting to so I definitely want to keep making the videos to get more publicity.

What was it like shooting the video with 50 Cent?

The video went really well.  It was in Chelsea's studio and 50 Cent was really nice and didn't complain at all.

What's your favorite music video and why?

Teenage Dream.  It's the best.  

If you had to choose one kind of animal to live with you everyday what would would it be and why?

A Hedgehog!  Because I already have one.

Check out Keenan's most famous video and visit him at The Lott in New York City tonight!