The Jamboree Sunday: Minstrel Punk's Finest

The Jamboree Sunday is a true party. This band has an incredibly unique instrumentation, comprising of a ukulele and horns to contrast more traditional rock ‘n’ roll instruments like bass and a phat bass drum beat.

Speaking of his experience seeing them in the Lower East Side at Fat Baby last week, college student Dan Udell says “I had originally intended to stay for a couple of songs and have a coke but I ended up drinking and dancing so I stayed for the entire set.  They definitely jam.”  This eclectic group of musicians inspired nearly everyone in the audience to groove along. Their variety of influences and free-spirited nature are a refreshing change from cookie cutter indie bands these days.  

The Jamboree Sunday, based in Philadelphia, was conceived in the fall of 2010 by Tim McAleer (trumpet) and Eric Vague (ukulele and vocals), two NYU students.  Last July, the Jamboree Sunday released a self-titled EP and they have another album, entitled Something About Being Happy to be released in April.

Their song “Everyone Back on the Train,” is notable for its dynamic buildup.  Tim and Eric take turns trading vocal and trumpet leads for the verse sections throughout the tune.  Drummer Cornelius McMoyler describes it as “an all-out shake your hips that lazily bellows ‘It’s alright alright alright’ while the drums go all Meg White in an idiotic, loud, fantastic beat crowned with relentless crashes.”  He goes on to say “this happens three times over, complete with a coming-of-age soliloquy by Che, the lady vocalist.”  By the last "alright alright alright” we crash and burn in a tidal wave of sound, absent of melody but full of sweat and smiles.”  

The melodies of their songs are very sing-a-long-able, and this definitely proves true in their song “Simple Rituals.”  It keeps you in between the lines of pop and rock ‘n roll, with maracas to liven it up.  They are catchy and danceable yet still truly rockin’. 

Usually frequenting bars and venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Jamboree is currently getting ready to venture to Austin, Texas for a full week of shows every night at the SXSW Festival.  Once back in the city, they will certainly be playing around.  Additional details on the Jamboree Sunday can be found here.

Their drummer Cornelius McMoyler expresses the spirit of the band when he says that “[if] giving up your plush leather stool and that can of PBR in your hand to come dance and sing with us isn't worth it, well... we'll buy you a beer.”