It's the Freakn Weeknd
New R&B Sensation "The Weeknd" on the Rise

From Toronto, Canada, Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, has been sending out unique R&B vibes and attracting the attention of fellow prodigies like Drake and Timbaland.  The group possesses mystery and intrigue as they arrived seemingly out of nowhere, unsigned and unknown.  With the suave assistance of Toronto's greatest musical marvel, Drake, who exposed a few of The Weeknd's talented tracks on his "October's Very Own" blog, the group has become an object of obsession for everyone from hipster music junkies to mainstream hip-hop devotees.  Countless downloads of The Weeknd's debut mixtape titled "House of Balloons" have been bombarding the airwaves and making fans go grazy for Tesfaye's sensual melodies and raw, inviting lyrics.

If Trey Songz, Kanye West, The-Dream, and the XX had a music lovechild, The Weeknd would be it.  They sing about ladies and lust, but with an edge that is strange yet equally enticing.  These bizarre ballads of love, lust, and drugs like "High For This" and "Glass Table Girl" are what make The Weeknd so tempting.  The lyrics are raw and real, exploring the darker side of our imagination that we often only fantasize about.  House of Balloons fuses fantasy with falsetto to create a mixtape masterpiece.  What separates The Weeknd from other R&B artists is that their music is charged with electronic frills and bass-heavy beats, creating a uniquely alternative and downright sexy sonic flow.  The group has recently revealed plans to release two more mixtapes this year, Thursday in the summer and Echoes of Silence in the fall. Prepare to get your ears wet.