Exclusive Interview with Size Matter's Artist Max Vangeli
Max Vangeli, get familiar!

Joonbug had the opportunity to sit down with Max Vangeli at the rooftop lounge in the Bentley Hotel before he headed to Lavo NY. He was about  to start his busy North American weekend tour hitting Lavo in NYC Thursday, Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas Friday, and South Pointe in The Hamptons Saturday.

Described by MTV as “One of the most promising artists of 2011” Max has grabbed the attention of EDM lovers worldwide. He has made his international debut in 2010 and as a result we have seen him skyrocket through the charts.

The 26 year old born in Moldova, now living in San Francisco took time out of his busy schedule to talk with me.

How would you describe your music?

Big room progressive with a lot of melodies, for me it’s all about the melodies, that’s what makes it a club banger.

Who or what inspired you to become a producer? 

I’m inspired by and work a lot with the Swedish House Mafia. Also, some of the older guys like Daft Punk, Discohouse, Junior Jack, and Kid Crème, especially because of their big vocals.

If you were not a DJ, what do you think you would be doing?

I always wanted to be a hockey player, but my parents sent me to college instead.

In what ways have working with Steve and the Swedish House Mafia helped you to grow as an artist?

Steve and the Swedish House Mafia have been doing this for so many years and now they kind of get to teach AN21 and myself where they went wrong, so we won’t make some of the mistakes they made. In a way, they guide us like parents do. They learned from their mistakes and passed it on to their kids!

Is playing alongside AN21 different than playing a solo show? What do you think makes you guys a great duo?

It has a lot to do with the vibe, we feed off each other’s energy. It’s much better traveling with a friend and having someone to do things with. When we’re at a club together we’re constantly vibing.

Yours and AN21’s remix to Pendulum’s track, The Island, has been one of the biggest anthems this past year, which I remember hearing for the first time in Miami at Swedish House Mafia’s Halloween Masquerade Motel. AN21 really ignited the crowd before the Mafia took the stage; tell me a little about how you and AN21 created this massive track?

Me, Steve and AN21 did it together in Ibiza at the end of August. We sat down with laptops and headphones and decided to just run with it and literally finished it on our own, we didn’t have a big studio or anything. We spent the entire night making it and then flew out with Tiesto to do Mysteryland, where we tested it out. We knew we created something special, and we still get the same reaction that we got that day at Mysteryland.  

After playing Masquerade Motel in Miami, which was one of my favorite shows of Miami Music Week, you have been nonstop touring with Size Matters around the world. What was that like? How was that different than any other tour?

Every show was crazy, especially when playing with AN21 and having Steve running the show. Steve has so many followers around the world, and every single show was amazing. It was nice to go to the show knowing it was going to be incredible. AN21 and myself are just growing so our following is not as big as what Steve has, but it was nice to be playing for the audience of a Steve Angello show.

Having performed all over the world, what city is your favorite to play in?

My Top Three, Ibiza, Miami, New York.

What was your most memorable gig and why?

Sensation White Prague which was the first sensation I’ve ever done, it was absolutely amazing!

Working on Steve Angello’s label Size Matters, do you feel there are high expectations? Does this take away from experimenting and taking creative risks?

No, I love it because we get to have that musical freedom and, to be honest, he doesn’t tell us what to do, we just do what we do best.

Your album with AN21 has the hype to be one of the biggest of 2011, what collaborations do you have in store for us?

We have collaborated with Tiesto, Example, Steve Angello, Kim Fai, and Moguai.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?

Probably the album which is almost finished, when it is released I will be very proud.

Do you have any advice for aspiring DJ’s/Producers?

Work hard and believe in yourself.