Live from T5
This Isn't Your Classic Terminal 5 Show. For Starters, It's No Where Near The Now Staple-Of-New-York-City Venue In Hell's Kitchen

Established in 2009, JetBlue Airways has teamed up with music marketing gurus, Superfly Marketing Group, to produce and ongoing series of concerts inside their $800M, state-of-the-art Terminal 5.  The Live from T5 concert series has housed international artists including James Blunt, Sarah McLachlan, and Taylor Swift, to name a few. 

On Monday, June 20th, the re-birthed, international pop star, Robyn, will grace the stage of T5 to help kick off the summer.  To win tickets to the event click here, choose any of the four blogging sites listed, and follow the directions.  

While JetBlue has made their mark providing free entertainment in the skies, including 36 channels of DirectTV and over 100 XM Sirius Satellite Radio stations, these shows set them far beyond their airline rivals.

As MusicWeek.com reported JetBlue Brand Coordinator Chris Timmins saying, "Our goal is to bring exceptional talent to JetBlue's Live from T5 concert series...New York City plays host to some of the best music in the world, so we look for our own way to present an unforgettable concert experience to our customers.  Robyn's performance in our terminal at JFK should do just that."

All the events take place post-security check-in, so if you already have a ticket to fly that day, you need not worry about finding your spot in front of the stage.  But if you're one of the lucky ones to win passes, make sure you put your 3 oz bottles of whiskey in a see-through, plastic, zip-lock bag.