Fourth of July Jams
Take that, Brits

When you hear the word “patriot” you think of the following:  Tom Brady, Mel Gibson, and US soldiers (hopefully not in that order).  Include yourself in this list by suiting up in red, white and blue this weekend in order to dance in your own little space.  (Your scrap-book making grandma will be proud.) 

You are more than capable of cramming the two-month British "holiday" into 72 hours because you bear arms and contribute to the greater good (better known global warming and national debt.) In a time where the Motherland is the main birther of DJs, let’s take a moment to remember the American-made artists who fuel your weekends and give you something more important to spend your hard-earned paycheck on than cheeseburgers-- memories made by music.  

From hard tech-house to deep soulful, below are some of the best tracks to get you going this July 4th: 

6.  Jonathan Peters- Going Thru it

 You need an explanation.  

Not only does that build-up sound like incoming drone planes about to attack, but yes, you are going through it right now, struggling to make your biceps meet your sides and keep up your oompa-loompa-orange glow.  Just don’t look up, they might be coming to take your ‘roids.  


5. Cedric Gervais' remix of George Morel, “Let’s Take Drugs” 

He's technically French, but the French Revolution was what inspired Americans to revolt from the British in the first place. Let’s consider Cedric our ally not just because he’s French, but because this song is awesome. Sampling the voice of George Bush is simply brilliant; the Texan embodies American greed, ignorance, mispronunciation and all that makes us proud to drive gas-guzzling SUVS, fund two pointless war, and continue to belittle educators. That’s right Bush, let’s roll into democratic enlightenment! 

4.  Terrence Parker’s Spirit of Detroit Remix:  Octave One, "Blackwater"

Enlightenment which apparently does not include equality for all.  With bans on gay marriage still existing in various parts of the country, as well as disparity between male and female pay, we all need to be reminded of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream.

3.  Richie Santana's "Music is Freedom"

Francis Scott Key knew how important music was to freedom, although unfortunately he didn't think up Richie Santana's lovely metaphor.  Instead, he wrote the Star-Spangled Banner and coined (pun intended) our national motto "In God We Trust."

  2.  Timmy Regisford's remix of REM, “Losing my Religion”

But isn't America all about the separation of church and state? Let's hope some DJ will close out your July 4th party by slipping this track onto the decks, reminding you just how much you'd hate for those scantily-clad chicks by the back bar to be covered with Burkas.


1.  Peter Presta featuring Mc Roby Rob “Where is Osama?”

Released on AppleJaxx records just in time for the holiday weekend, the bassline of this dark track captures all the sleaze and scandal behind Osama Bin Laden’s death.  

Celebrate the freedom to be wary of your government.