Five Hot New House Tracks
Electro-free, just for you.

It’s started. Your favorite house DJ who’s spun tribal, techy beats since your first fake ID has adopted the abrasive beat that sounds much like your first car-- broken and sputtering.  The electro invasion has arrived.

And you had enough this past weekend to make your pet robot cringe under the bed.  Below is a list of the five hottest new house songs, sans “electro”:

1.  Paco Osuna’s “What That”

The newest release off Plus 8 Records (owned by Richie Hawtin), “What That” delivers an appropriately devilish track, given the grammatically incorrect title.  Every time you hear a kid slurring, “What dat is?!,” think of Osuna’s repeating vocal, “there was a filthy child... I lit the whole thing up and watched it burn.”  What, in today’s recession, isn’t incorrect grammar deserving of immolation?


2.   “Soy Como Soy” featuring Cleydys Villalon by Makossa & Megablast

You are just the way you are.  Although sometimes, you shouldn't be.  And that's okay because with African and Latin rhythms, a driving bassline and isolated vocals, this track will make you return to your honest, primal roots (particularly if it’s heard in a big, dark, humid room.)  No need to straighten your hair tonight, just check out the video below.

Luciano made a lovely deep house remix of this track that slows down the bassline and draws attention to the rattle-like percussion elements.  You can preview Luciano’s mix by clicking here.  


3. “I Wish I Was Tina Turner” by Inkfish 

 Tina Turner had many wishes.  She wanted it to rain.  She wanted to be made over, clean, beautiful.  And she ended up rich.  You want all these things too, we hope.  Check out the video below. 



4. Reboots’ Remix of “I Think I Love You” by Spencer Parker

David Cassidy thought he loved you in 1971.  Now, 30 years later, these five words have been sung by hundreds of artists and surprisingly, they never get old.  But you do.  Remain youthful and step to that percussion.  Indecision never felt so good.



5.  “In the Air” featuring Angela McClulskey by Ned Shepard, Morgan Page and BT

Let’s end with a vocal because the week is halfway over and you’re starting to get sentimental about the weekend.  Expansive and enthralling, this progressive track brings on the luster of keyboards and female vocals with simple rhymes including “true, you, and too.”  We all need a little corn in our lives; “corn today, corn tomorrow,” as they say.  (Simple rhyme).   Reminiscent of Morgan Page’s “The Longest Road”, which has been remixed by numerous artists, including Deadmau5, you’ll instantly be transported back to 2008.How's that for old age?