Live Review: Deadbeat Darling
Deadbeat Darling's homecoming to NYC results in a spectacular, sold out performance

Their name lends itself well; they truly are darlings. Although the word deadbeat does not quite sum them with the same accuracy. Distinguished or delectable might be more apt, although it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way.

Name aside, Deadbeat Darling were hailed home like champions at the Bowery Ballroom in New York’s lower east side on July 9. Returning from their forty-three day stint in Wales in the UK where they were recording their second album, they headlined the sold out show which also featured support from three astounding acts.

First up was Mother Feather, with charismatic front woman Ann Courtney looking as hot as ever in a custom made costume by Suzanne Rae. It was bold, it was bright, and no less than expected, it was flamboyant. Elizabeth Carena’s electric blue number complimented this to perfection, making it hard to tear your eyes away, but I’m pretty sure there were two other instrumentalists on stage with them somewhere. Pure rock n’ roll was emitted and the crowd were dancing with almost the same level of wild abandon as the band.

Hypernova and Hank & Cupcakes were up next, with the former chilling the audience out only to be brought right back to form with the latter duo. Spectacularly rocking out, Hank & Cupcakes performed notable renditions of Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’ and Far East Movement’s ‘Like a G6’. Their set also featured Cupcakes gyrating spectacularly whilst balancing on the edge of her drum, a great addition to ensure a winning performance.

When Deadbeat Darling entered the room the audience were ready for them. Straight away it was clear to see a strong bond behind their musical showmanship. Leaning in to give each of his band members a kiss on the cheek, this revealed front man, Joseph King's sensitivity before he even opened his mouth to sing.

The stage was prepared with two low lit lamps and scattered with rose petals to add to the ambiance. It gave the room a kitschy feel and it felt more like you had been invited into a home, rather than being stood in a cavernous venue full of excitable strangers. As well as some new songs off their upcoming record, the quartet performed a series of songs from their album ‘Weight of Wandering’, a collection of profound lyrics with catchy accompanying riffs and addictive beats. The first track off the record, ‘Brilliant Broken Glow’ also has an underlying electro vibe that emphasizes their individuality and catapults them leagues ahead of their contemporaries.

Musing in between songs, Joseph told a ghost story and also confessed that by day thirty-one of their ensconce in Wales his fellow band members were looking rather appealing to him. He was pitch perfect throughout the whole set and the crowning point was the encore, whereby the band invited the support acts on stage. They all piled on, making a smushy rock trifle whilst the audience whipped up a frenzy in return. It was a show that is going to put pressure on them to top, but now they have signed to UK label Spearhavoc Records, I’m sure their next homecoming will be just as celebrated.