Inside Lollapalooza, Part II: The Music
20th Anniversary Lollapalooza Showcases a Wide Variety of Talent

Lollapalooza is a celebration of many genres and tastes in music and this year’s festival did not disappoint. Here were some of Joonbug’s favorites:

Ok Go put on an incredible show, full of smolder, swagger and plenty of good humor. The four band members dressed head to toe in either red, blue, green or yellow suits; played a song with sublime intensity on the hand bells, indulged the audience with old favorites and introduced new tunes. A favorite moment included lead singer Damian singing from the middle of the crowd a heart-string tugging acoustic gem. Tongue-in-cheek, honest and power-packed, Ok Go was the delight of the afternoon. Tinie Tempah graced the stage just before OK Go, delivering a set that bubbled with effervescent energy. The beats were crisp, fun and instantly catchy. He is one to watch.


Chris Martin and crew were a definite change of pace. Performing at the far north end of the park, their delicate melodies floated throughout the venue. The stage alight in a bright red glow, the men of the group are elegant, experienced and welcoming. Different colored balloons float in the sky near the stage as the first chords of “The Scientist” are plunked on the piano and this could possibly be most idyllic moment of Lollapallooza. Coldplay is a practiced band of consummate performers and the set did not disappoint.

The DJ set of Saturday afternoon was sans aucune doute Joachim Garraud, French DJ extraordinaire. Set in the Lolla pantheon of dance destruction, Perry’s Stage, Joachim spun a relentless, pulsing set. The highlight of the Monsieur Garraud experience was his random moments of playing the keytar for the audience.

Ellie Goulding was one of the crown jewels (pun intended?). Chock full of British sass, her performance was heartfelt and full of passionate energy. The crowd got riled up beforehand when the stage crew passed out “Starry Eyed” sunglasses. Joonbug nearly got run over by a zealous fan, but left unscathed. The set flowed fantastically and Goulding didn’t miss a beat. Full of emotive faces and fun dance moves, Ellie was a thoughtful, talented poppy confection.

Lykke Li brought her brand of mysterious Scandinavian flair to the Google + stage. While not quite so luminous as Goulding, Lykke Li slithers and snakes her way into the hearts of her many followers. Lykke is an old soul, at times sounding like a heartbroken singer from the 60s(see “Silence is a Blessing”). Her set navigates its highs and lows gracefully, transitioning from the blissful “A Little Bit” to something a bit more low key without batting an eyelash. Very, very entertaining.

The band set a humble tone when they personally checked their instruments before sound check, delighting the crowd. Zach Condon is a man from another time, debonair, genteel and with a smooth crooner’s voice. Condon is both parts earnest and brash, his soothing singing voice matched with his brassy trumpet-playing make for a pleasing combination.

A soaring voice combined with catchy melodies made for a very engaging set in the middle of the afternoon. Aussie rockers Boy and Bear’s buttery harmony and boyish charm were another highlight.

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