Balance Yourself
Henry Saiz releases fall tour dates

Coming off the recent release of his Balance 019 mix CD, progressive house artist Henry Size will tour North America.  Praised by the house giants such as John Digweed and Pete Tong, Henry's own podcast "The Labryinth" demonstrates his rising fame and his ability to integrate a variety of DJing techniques, using Ableton Live, Access Virus TI synth, and even at times, an iPod Touch.

But, despite this newer technologies in his recent podcasts, Henry's unique soundscapes and textures derive from his love of analogue sound, something mising in today's digital world.  For his recent productions on the Balance Mix, he uses four track recorders, vinyl, reprocessing and re-editing. Each track has been honed and refined before it's mixed into the compliation.  His DJ sets carry a similar respect for the older style of playing music: attuned, meticulous and technical, Henry is able to move between the various sub-genres of electronic music, from tech and deep house, to tribal and techno.  To download his free remix of Radiohead's Codex, click here.

His North American tour dates are as follows: 

Henry Saiz  North American Tour Dates
 August 19 San Francisco, CA @ Mighty
August 20 Los Angeles, CA @ Vanguard
August 24 New York, NY @ Bar 13
August 26 Mexico City, Mexico @ Fever Club
August 27 Playa del Carmen, Mexico @ Kool Beach Club