The Weeknd: 'Thursday' Mixtape Review


Abel Tesfaye, famously known as The Weeknd, has been sending out unique R&B vibes and luring the attention of hopeless romantics and troubled, twisted souls ever since the release of his first mixtape, The House of Balloons.  There’s a mystery and intrigue that surrounds his seductive croons and the same bizarre ballads of love, lust, and drugs found on House of Balloons parallel The Weeknd’s highly anticipated Thursday album. 

Thursday fully satiates your darker, racy side, inviting you to indulge is your wildest and most twisted fantasies.  You can’t help but become hypnotized by The Weeknd’s downright sexy sonic flow and raw lyrics.  Track 4, “The Zone,” says it all: “So let me sip this slow/I’ll give you what you called for/Just let me get in my zone/I’ll be making love to her through you/So let me keep my eyes closed.”

It’s these intense and completely unrestrained lyrics and complimenting beats that make this album and its precursor thematic masterpieces and exhilarating to the core. It is in our human nature to be fascinated by the forbidden and the insatiable.  The Weeknd presents our most powerful vices in an impeccable flow of sounds, fusing falsetto with fantasy.  It’s pretty much impossible to not to submit to every passionate note.

Thursday, while it precedes with the same intentions as House of Balloons, it certainly has a more artistic outlook and drives home that punch-drunk emotion that The Weeknd bellows from his soul. The most standout tracks on the album are #1) Lonely Star—the lead off track on the mixtape immediately sets the mood, #2) Life Of The Party, #4) The Zone ft. Drake, and #8) Gone. Collectively, the production kills it on these tracks and meets directly in the middle with Tesfaye’s amazing voice.  The experimental sonic element is evident on these tracks, which sets Thursday apart from House of Balloons.  And if it wasn’t clear before, the control and precision that Tesfaye has over his vocals is seriously no joke.   He is a master of achieving ridiculously high highs and even after a song ends we all stay utterly spellbound. 

Watch out for the final part of the trilogy, Echoes of Silence, dropping sometime this fall.