Watch: Smoke DZA's "4 Loko" Video Featuring ASAP Rocky

















Smoke DZA has decided to bring Rolling Stoned hit “4 Loko” behind cameras and continue to beat the drum for the album's forthcoming release.  Smoke DZA and up-and-coming Harlem based weed-rapper ASAP Rocky, both who clearly have an affinity for smoking the chronic, spend the majority of the video just straight up chilling and getting down on some purple.

The essential music video merchandise swag stand out, from fresh shoes and monies, to 40s and 4-wheelers, to whips and smartphones. It’s not a particularly crafty video, but it does capture the overall essence of the song: going loco on Loko. The visuals, lyrics, and sounds combine to accurately represent what it feels like after you’ve just knocked back a Four Loko drank—you’re pretty much housed to say the least, and then you eventually start to come down from the 12% alcohol content that boasts a serious kick of caffeine. 

Rolling Stoned drops August 30.