Uprising Heavy Hitters: Crown The Empire
Joonbug Exclusive!

Hailing out of Dallas, Texas, electronic/hardcore unit Crown The Empire is making waves in the music scene without even releasing a full length record. This five-piece showcases impressive musicality and memorable lyrics. Coupled with their catchy hooks and dance break-downs, there's just something for everyone to listen to.

Q: Electronic hardcore sounds like an evolution of sound. What made you choose that genre?

A: "Growing up, we all went to a lot of hardcore shows and we knew the kids, including us, had a lot of fun going."

Q: What bands would you say were and are your biggest influences?

A: " I See stars, the Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Panic at the Disco..."

Q: What inspires you? Where does it come from?

A: "We write our music based off our personal lives, and things that we go through as teenagers which we can all relate to."

The band is comprised of: lead singer/screamer Andy Leo, bassist Hayden Tree, guitarist/singer Brandon Hoover, Keyboard player Austin Duncan, and drummer Brent Taddie. With their boyish good looks and bad boy charm, Justin Bieber can expect to move aside in the next couple years. The success of their first tour, constant plays on Youtube, and their facebook popularity proves that this band is in it to win it!

Crown the Empire packs a punch on stage with an amazing live sound, and equally involving performance, commanding the crowd to let go and relish in the sounds. Leo is able to go from clean singing to screaming effortlessly in a way that just captivates the attention of listeners. If you haven't heard about them yet, you surely will.

They have an explosive EP in the works titled Limitless, which will hit stores this fall. You can expect more power-house drumming, great guitar riffs, and epic keyboard playing to be heard. Thus far, they have released a demo which includes "Breaking Point" and "Wake Me Up". Both tracks include that high energy sound found in their live shows. Best of all, it's up on purevolume.com/crowntheempire  for FREE right now!

Another tour is in the works for spring 2012. This is a band you definitely don't wanna miss, so grab a shirt and come rock out! Are you ready?