Incubus Plays New Music In Miami
Incubus and Young The Giant Rock Bayfront Park On 'If Not Now, When?' Tour

The night's forecast was awesomeness with a chance of stage fog and scattered showers. 

Bathed in blue and red light, Young The Giant started the show with an energetic performance, to say the least. Lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia appeared to be having seizures in between fits of banging his tambourine on one of his drummer's cymbals. Their set seemed to be in-sync with the weather as it started raining in the midst of their track "St. Walker," featuring lyrics like "If there is water, you’ll drown/ Drown down in it." If you like The Killers, Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand, you'll favor this indie rock band from Irvine, California. Check out their self-titled debut album on purevolume.com

Klipsch Amphitheater in Bayfront park is the perfect venue, situated beside the bay and in the shadows of the majestic Miami skyline. Crowds gathered on the grass and there didn't seem to be an empty seat in the place in between the two sets. 

The pent-up energy of the crowd erupted as Incubus appeared, shrouded in smoke which was partly from the fog machines backstage and partly from all the joints being sparked up simultaneously. They opened strong with Megalomaniac set to an esoteric montage starring Hitler playing on the backdrop. They warmed up with a few more familiar hits including "Anna Molly" and "Wish You Were Here" before introducing the audience to their latest album If Not Now, When? by performing their track "Promises, Promises."


The band continued a potent performance mingling their new tracks with old favorites, both literally and figuratively keeping fans on their toes. 

After taking a five-year hiatus to focus on "school, babies [and] mortgages," Incubus' music seems to have concurrently matured and mellowed out with its band members. But don't let this mislead you into thinking Incubus is winding down. Like the Rolling Stones, I can see Brandon & the boys rocking out on stage well after you'd expect them to retire.