Exclusive Interview with House DJs Manufactured Superstars
We caught up with the boys before their gig at LAVO NY

Last month tech-house sensation, Manufactured Superstars came to the big apple for an exclusive party at LAVO NY. Denver natives and founding member of the infamous online music store, Beatport.comBradley Roulier and original employee of Beatport Shawn Sabo, two original  have been in the electronic music industry for years. Their latest single, "Take Me Over" featuring Scarlett Quinn has been a  We sat down with the two before their New York City gig to get the inside scoop on their first collective album through Black Hole Recordings.

Joonbug: At what point did you discover Electronic Dance Music? When did you first realize you wanted to pursue music as a career? 

Sabo: I've been into electronic music since I was about 14. I used to DJ at the roller skating rink when the first Prodigy album came out, so it's been a long time for me. 

Roulier:  Yea, same thing. I started throwing events in 1997, and probably in 94/95 is when I started liking dance music, so for a long time now.

Joonbug: When did you start working together as Manufactured Superstars? How did that name derive? 

Sabo: To make a long story short, we actually came up with the project on a plane from South America at a music festival. It was 'Too Many DJs,' not sure if you are familiar with them,  before the whole mash-up movement started. Brad said, "Oh I wish we could do something to bring back old house music with new kick drums and really just make it a fun party." So I was like, "We could probably do that in Abelton." and we started doing a few parties in Denver. It really went off, so we just kept on building and building and that was about 4 years ago.

Roulier: Yea, that's right. We were at the South American Music Conference in Buenos Aires, and I saw a DJ perform on Abelton Live and I was a little confused as to what he was doing. Shawn was like, "Oh that's easy, just throw a bunch of tracks in Ableton Live and just mash them up and we'll throw them together." I was like, "Alright let's do a party." I think the original name we came up with was Digitally Manufactured Superstars and that was extremely too long so we just shortened it to Manufactured Superstars.

Sabo: Manufactured Superstars is already pushing it on the flyers. (laughs)

Joonbug: As Manufactured Superstars, you both have played several music festivals globally, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, Beatport Pool Party (During WMC), Identity Festival, Beyond Wonderland and more. Which would you say has been your favorite of the festivals to play and why?

Sabo: I mean, they're both totally different. Festivals usually have a shorter time slot so you really got to go in swinging. Know what you want to play. Play your new tunes. Play the big hits and really just try to blow up the party. With a club gig, in say Vegas or LA, you usually play about 3-4 hours sets, take people up and down on a journey.

Roulier: Both of them are fun; both of them are entirely different. Personally, I like playing 3-4 hours so we can really give you the full Manufactured Superstars. When its an hour, ya know, we have to step on the gas and not stop. We like house music, we like beats. We like to just see people dance and have a good time so I personally prefer the 3 or 4 hour sets but it's also fun playing in front of 30-40,000 people too. (laughs)

Sabo: The energy of a festival is just epic, ya know. But we like to play anything, put us in a room of 20 people dancing or 20,000, we are going to the best to keep everyone entertained.

Joonbug: Manufactured Superstars were recently signed to Black Hole Recordings with an album "Take Me Over" set to release soon. What are some things you can tell us about the album?

Roulier: We have a lot of collaborations. Take me over is more of a pop track but we are more house DJs so there's a lot more house records on the album. We have a few tech-house tracks, a bunch of collaborations with different people, amazing vocalists, Scarlett Quinn, Selena Albright, and we have an amazing tech-house track with Paris Hilton where she's just talking, called "Drunk Text". We also have some more surprises along the way so, there's a lot of collaborations and a lot of fun on the album so we're excited to release it.

Sabo: The album will probably be out around Winter Music Conference, so about March 2012 with singles every 6-8 weeks in between from Take Me Over which came out in June, until the album comes out. We really just try to keep the music going, there's a lot of great remixes. We've gotten some awesome support by some of the industry's top people, Calvin Harris, Ferry Corsten, BingoPlayers, so it's exciting to just really work. Sometimes getting the remixes back is better than writing the original song. To send out your parts and then see how somebody interprets it, completely makes it so different. We've done so many remixes but this working on the album is the first time that we're actually getting remixes back of our own material. It's almost like Christmas every time we get an email like, "Dude did you hear the new remix? Did you hear what they did?" 

Joonbug: As the co-founders and former VP of Marketing of Beatport, what are some things Electronic Dance Music producers should know about the music business today that they may not already be familiar with?

Sabo: My two cents would be try to make your own sound, try to do something different, and be prepared to work because even if you make a hit record, there is a ton of work that is involved into taking it to that next level, From press to marketing, to working on remixes, it's everything. The most successful guys in the industry are extremely talented but also extremely humble. That's probably the best thing I would say to people.

Roulier: I agree. Just work hard, develop a sound. There's so many amazing DJs and amazing producers, don't get frustrated. It takes everyone a long time to break through, just keep working, build up your own catalog, and keep plugging away. One day you'll get your music out there and the right people will hear it, and you need to be ready to go.

Sabo: Be persistent. Don't let anybody tell you no! If you think it's art, as long as other people like it, you should be good. 



*Editors note: In the video interview, Manufactured Superstars spoke of their upcoming single, "Drunk Text" originally scheduled for release featuring Paris Hilton has now been released featuring Lea Luna. Lea Luna is the original vocalist who wrote the lyrics on "Drunk Text."