Drake + The Weeknd to collaborate for ‘Take Care’
A collaboration between the Toronto natives excite fans

If you just heard your neighbor exclaim “Oh yeah” or “No way,” it's simply because he or she heard some mind-blowing news; Drake and The Weeknd are doing not one, not two, not three, but four songs together on Drake’s upcoming album, Take Care.

Although the album was originally set to be released today for Drake’s birthday, the album was yet again pushed back, presumably to fine-tune and add some tracks to the still unreleased track list for the record.

According to Uproxx, Drake told MTV that the rising star, also hailing from Drake’s hometown of Toronto, would be included on the album for sure. The collaboration, as Drake puts it, is happening because of a mutual respect that the two artists have for each other.

Since The Weekend dropped House of Balloons, there has been much comparisons drawn between him and his fellow Canadian contemporary. The hip-hop driven production and “bedroom pop” lyricism of the young crooner’s music makes the combination a perfect fit. Whether Drake will choose to spit a few bars or pull out the auto-tune machine on these tracks is not clear just yet.

However, many hope that Mr. Graham will opt for the former choice. It would be interesting to see if The Weeknd’s lyricism and vocal adeptness has the ability to push Drake’s rhyming to another level.

If by any chance, you have not heard The Weeknd’s music yet, go listen to it NOW! You can download the acclaimed, House of Balloons mixtape here.

Checking out his older mixtape, Thursday, wouldn’t hurt either. Download that one, here.