In The Booth with DJ DL
DJ DL gives us the DL on his first gig, dream collaborations and more!
What was it like growing up around nightlife?

Different. Didn't see the parents growing up with the suit and tie in the morning. Nightlife and music go hand in hand. So I was always surrounded by music. 

Was it the environment or the music that initially led you to purchase your first turntables at the age of 15?

To be honest I've always had a wide range of taste. Hip hop, 80s soul, Dancehall, and Techno.

What was your first DJ gig like?

Funny. Not one person showed up. I didnt promote it cause I was nervous. But I still figured the bar I was working would have some people there. But not a one :). Makes me appreciate all the big stuff I do now.

What are some challenges of starting out young?

 There are no challenges to starting out young. It's the best way to do it


You've worked with a lot of big names. Any dream collaborations you have yet to take part in?

I would love to have produced a record with Biggie and Bob Marley :). But with artitsts who are still alive, I'd love to produce for Robyn or Temper Trap.

What do you consider your biggest achievement as a DJ to date?

Spinning The Full Moon Party in Koh Phan Ghan Thailand was pretty amazing. Spinning music on the most beautiful beach id ever seen on the other side of the planet and getting paid for it was pretty cool.


What's the hardest thing about spinning?

The hours

Favorite song out right now?

I'll give you a favorite hip hop and house record. Hip Hop is and always will be "Juicy" by Biggie. And house I like "You've Got The Love" Mark Knight Remix.
Describe the feeling of looking out at a crowd while everyone is dancing in sync to your music.

Best feeling in the universe. It's a drug

How do you want to expand your career? What do you see for the future?

Production, traveling, opening clubs and restaurants, scoring movies

Are you looking forward to Halloween night at Capitale? Will you be dressing up?

Ya I think my friends and I are going as the Star Trek crew, or a bunch of gorillas.
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