DJ Price On Past, Present & Future
The scoop on his favorite venues, clothing line and what's to come

You started spinning at a pretty young age. What was it like laying your foundation as a DJ at the Spin Academy?

Back then it wasn't about loading up a laptop with the latest house anthems or hip hop edits. It was about digging through crates and practicing everyday. My favorite part about the Scratch academy was learning from the big name DJs that would come through regularly.

What were some challenges of starting out young? 

Getting into nightclubs! You had to sneak in or carry some other DJs records.

How were you able to rent out lofts and throw your own parties at such a young age? How does this compare to playing the huge shows you do today?

We saved up money and pooled our resources. You can do anything if you have the right team behind you. Today, life is a lot less stressful. Being an event organizer is hard!

What are some of the best and worst venues you've ever played?

My favorite venues are 1Oak NY, Trousdale in LA, and Liv in Miami. I'd prefer not to put any venue or promoter on blast but I have definitely played some sub-par venues. 

What do you consider your biggest achievement as a DJ to date?

Being able to travel and support myself is always going to be my biggest achievement. I'm proud to say I love my job and I am always excited to go to work.

What was your reason behind starting Reason Clothing? How do your beats and brand compliment each other?

We wanted to create a lifestyle product that reflected our tastes in clothing. Something for all of us to wear and support, wherever we are. 

It looks like some pretty big names have sported Reason apparel, including A-Trak, Maino and Kid Cudi. Who rocks the Reason look the best?

DJ Price of course!

You recently played a show in Tokyo. How do they get down in Japan?

The Japanese like to party and love anything American, especially NY DJs! My music was well received and I hope to head back soon.

What are some goals for your future musically?


I'm releasing a single soon and I hope to have an album in 2012.

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DJ Price will be spinning at Joonbug's Annual Masquerade Ball on Monday, October 31. Details here: