Cosmic Gate Wakes Our Minds
An exclusive interview before their gig at Cielo Club.

Celebrating the new release of their latest album Wake Your Mind, Cosmic Gate has been touring North America for months bringing big room trance beats to the best clubs and venues throughout the country. Luckily for fans, the German trance duo made a pit stop on their tour to famous New York City venue, Cielo Club. Earlier this year, we caught up with Cosmic Gate where they didn't give many details on the new album but later introduced the world to their trance hit track, "The Theme" to fans at their Pacha NYC gig. The song has been getting a tremendous from both fans as well as DJs across the world including it in their sets. 

The boys returned at the end of October after a summer of mastering their newest album, Wake Your Mind, through Black Hole Recordings. Filled with massive tracks the album includes dancefloor hits such as The Theme, Be Your Sound featuring vocalist Emma Hewitt, and Over the Rainbow featuring J Something, which shook the walls of Cielo that Thursday evening. Packing Cielo out for the kickoff of Halloween Weekend, I was able to sit down with Cosmic Gate's Bossi and Nic Chagall to find out more on the true meaning of the Wake Your Mind album. 

Joonbug: What was the inspiration behind the Wake Your Mind album? How long of a process was it to create?

Bossi: That's quite something we can talk about now. To start with the process, we started about a year before, but the last 3 months until around the end of August,  we have been working like crazy. We were a little bit not so clever because it was the summer time, we were DJing and working actually 24/7, so either DJing or in the studio. For the inspiration, Nic's turn.. 

Nic Chagall: Yea, the idea was to show people what trance can be. For some people it's just uplifting or something. Some people just stay with a certain type of sound and we are very open minded people and we want people to feel the same. So we thought like, hey let's do a very diverse album, do a lot of vocal tracks, with  different influences and stuff. 


JB: How has your sound progressed as Cosmic Gate with this album opposed to your previous album, Sign of the Times 

Bossi: It's never easy to talk about music. Music is a feeling. One person may connect to a song differently than the other, but we prefer for people to listen to it and to make their own mind up. To get an idea about the music we do, we usually listen from one album to the other, so with a span of two years there is a lot happening maybe on a personal side and for production standards so there is always a change. We don't think that there is such a huge difference now.

Nic Chagall: Honestly most of the times when we are in the studio it's more just jamming and just trying things and then we come up with something. Sometimes we have an idea in mind, and it ends up totally different so it's more just that we went in the studio, played around with melodies, and playing around with beats.

Bossi: It's not like we go there and say we are going to do something like this. We do something, and whatever comes out at the end the album actually sounded different than what we maybe had as a first idea, but that's a good thing. You go with the flow, and we are really happy with the album. We can just say listen to it and hopefully you like it. 


JB: On Wake Your Mind you have collaborations with DJs and vocalists including JES, Myon and Shane 54 and Emma Hewitt. Do either of you have a favorite track on the new album? If so, why?

Bossi: Well these are 14 babies that you have and you do not prefer one over the other. This changes for me with the mood that I am in. So I can listen to it now and maybe have another favorite, then tomorrow listening to it again, so I wouldn't give you a personal favorite because like we said before, we feel really good about the album. 

Nic Chagall: Well said. 


JB: Cosmic Gate currently has two songs on the Beatport Top 10 Trance charts including Be Your Sound with Emma Hewitt as well as The Blue Theme with Ferry Corsten and System F.  How did you decide which tracks to release as singles? Can you give any hints to future singles being released soon?

Nic Chagall: That's exactly what we are discussing right now in the last days. We have so many options and we are not sure about it. We even made a shout out to the people last week on A State of Trance because Armin gave us a feature on his radio show. We gave a shout out and hit us up on Twitter & Facebook and let us know what you think, what's your favorite? We have a lot of ideas on what can be the next single, so it's hard to choose. The next one will probably be more of a clubby instrumental thing and then back to a vocal track for sure. That's the idea. 


JB: Where do you stand on the evolution of the trance music scene growing here in New York? What advice do you have for up and coming trance DJs?

Bossi: Yeah, that's a good question. Maybe the most important thing is be yourself, just play what you think is good. Don't follow playlists or anything. Maybe the most important aspect from the last years is that you need your own productions. It's the only way, it's kind of impossible out there without your own productions. So again, if you get a good studio sound, again be yourself, and don't follow trends. Of course you cannot be blind and do something that is totally off the wall, but be yourself and get a known kind of identity with your sound and what you are standing for. This is maybe the most important thing that the people can be like this could be or this is or this sounds recognizable.