Behind the Scenes with Martin Solveig and Adrian Lux
Exclusive interview with the two mega DJs before their gig at Pacha's 6th Anniversary party

As the night of the third installment of Pacha NYC's 6 Year Anniversary Party approached, there was no denying there was a celebration amidst the venue that was overflowing with dance music lovers raising their glasses and singing along. Saturday's line up was impressive to say the least featuring mega DJs such as Martin Solveig, Hardwell, R3hab, Quintino, and Adrian Lux that kept club-goers pulsating on the dance floor well into Sunday morning. Swedish DJ Adrian Lux, most commonly known for his track Teenage Crime played an uplifting tech house set mixing in funky beats with vocal anthems. Closing off his set with a bleepy-house remix of David Guetta & Usher's Without You, Lux set the standards high for other DJs early in the night, with an amazing set by Hardwell to follow. After his set Adrian came back to Pacha's green room to chit chat with us about plans for his debut album as well as a new single to be released soon! 


Martin Solveig, the Parisian house DJ with his 4th album Smash releasing soon, was able to sit down and tell us a little bit more about himself as an artist as well as what it was like to create the album. Playing an energetic yet diverse set, he mixed in classic tracks such as Oasis's Wonderwall with hints of dubstep beats including Skrillex's remix of Benny Benassi - Cinema. Keeping the crowd guessing throughout the course of his set, his last track was his most popular to date, Hello, featuring Dragonette, was a perfect sign off to his powerful track list. Here's what the two international DJs had to say. 

Martin Solveig

Joonbug:  How were you first introduced to dance music? Did you always want to become a DJ? 

Solveig: Actually I have never wanted to be a DJ I think, I mean always for fun, but never as a proper job. That's the best thing thing because it sort of came to be. Of course, it was a different time because I am an old man as you can see. (Laughs) At the time, it was not even concerned a proper job, so you couldn't even imagine to make a career out of things like that. So when it came to me, I was very fortunate, very lucky, so I am very happy.

Joonbug: Your 4th album Smash has been officially released (just not yet in the US) , includes your hit single. Hello, featuring Dragonette which received mainstream success selling over 2 million records worldwide. How can you describe your album as well as your sound?

Solveig: Well, This album is based on songs so all the tracks are vocal tracks with different singers. Dragonette is the main singer. We started the story with "Hello" and she has about 4 tracks on the album, and then I sing a couple of tracks which is quite funny, and Dev the great vocal artists / singer from Los Angeles. I don't know if you know her? She's on one track as well. I mean it was really a super fun album to do. The songs are rather different from one another, but you can feel the connection. It's a bit French, it's a bit electronic, it's a bit pop-ish sometimes but that's the beauty of the album. You can go into a bit of a different direction so that's what I did. 

Joonbug: Your latest single features Dragonette and Japanese pop group Idoling! called Big in Japan, has already been featured on HBO hit series How to Make it in America. What was the inspiration behind the track and how did you link up with Idoling? 

Solveig: As for the whole project, we started with this sort of absurd, bizarre video concept, with my fake manager and we are doing some crazy stuff, mixing a little bit of reality and fiction. So I think that the after the tennis tournaments, and the stadium theme all ready to go, I thought the biggest challenge would be to be Big in Japan. Now we've really been to Japan, and from there we've made some calls, and tried to see what we could do and we got very lucky and we could meet with Idoling! who is an enormous pop band in Japan, they call it J pop. We went to a concert, and the whole story started like that and here they are now on the album. 

Joonbug: What can fans expect from you in 2012? You have the album coming, but is there any news for touring or new releases for Martin Solveig? 

Solveig: The album will be released, and of course a lot of remixes. Actually, I have not made all of my plans yet, so probably a few extra tracks or things like that, a few surprises. Of course a lot of touring and a lot of fun. 

Adrian Lux 

Joonbug: How would you describe your sound as an artist? Which artists or DJs are your biggest influences in electronic dance music? 

Adrian Lux: I guess my biggest influence is Eric Prydz and he basically since day one has been. I guess that influenced his sound, but I guess I cannot do his stuff because that's what he does ya know. I'm not very good at imitating sounds so the things I make are basically the things I can do. 

Joonbug: If you weren't pursuing a music career, what profession would you be most interested in? 

Lux: Marine Biology. I think it's fun, hanging out on a boat & doing something for the environment. Might pick that up one day, I don't know. 

Joonbug: Touring around the world, you have had the opportunity to play some of the most epic worldwide events. What is your favorite part of touring? What has been your most memorable gig so far? 

Lux: I think it was, well today was really good, but aside from that, I would think it was Sydney, Australia. That's the place where Teenage Crime was the biggest I guess, so there was about 15,000 people singing a capella to a song that you wrote, so that was one of the highlights. 

Joonbug 4. Your newest single Alive featuring the Good Natured was recently released on Beatport as well as the remixes album on Ultra Records. Can you tell us about any plans for touring or new Adrian Lux releases coming up in 2012?

Adrian Lux: I have a new single coming out called Fire and that will lead up to the album, which actually will be my debut album, which comes out on Ultra. There will be a lot of new songs and a lot of new tour dates, we're locking them in for now but it looks good!