In the Booth with House Music Legend Danny Howells
The DJ/Producer tells us about the industry & his NYC gig this week!

[cover photo by Anthony Yong]

House music icon Danny Howells has been in the biz for the past two decades, and has certainly made his mark on the industry ever since. From touring with Bedrock Records owner & DJ John Digwee and mixing several albums for Global Underground, to creating his own label Dig Deeper in 2008, Danny Howells has become a staple in the industry.

With the 2011 release of his compilation "Phase One", the first released on Dig Deeper, New Yorkers can expect some Nocturnal Frequencies this Thursday at NYC's Cielo Club, conveniently located in the Meatpacking District.  Before returning to New York, we had the chance to catch up with Danny Howells on his experiences in the electronic music industry and his inspirations. Don't miss out on this Thursday's event brought to us by Dance.Here.Now, featuring Howells as well as a set by NYC based DJ Brad Miller for one of the last memorable city nights in 2011!
Joonbug: When did you realize you wanted to become a DJ? If you didn’t have a career in music, which profession would you be most likely pursue? Why?

Danny Howells: I only started DJing as a hobby, back in '91. I didn't have a clue I'd ever be able to make a living out of it or do it for so long. It was in the late '90s that I had to quit psychiatric nursing, which was my day job. I'm pretty sure I'd still be doing that now if the DJing hadn't taken off.


Joonbug: Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating music? How would you describe your sound as a DJ?

Howells: I haven't felt that inspired recently with productions, which is why I haven't recorded much. But usually inspiration can come from anywhere .. a great night somewhere, some track that crops up randomly on my iPod, the sound of the washing machine - it can come from anywhere.
As I DJ, my style stays pretty much the same really - house music ranging from deep and dubby through to the techier styles. I don't give a faff about what's fashionable, I just play what I like and avoid the commercial muck that is polluting the world!

Joonbug: Who are your biggest influences in the music industry of all time? Why?

Howells: Well, Digweed was the first guy to put on parties with big name DJs back in my hometown of Hastings, and he also gave me my very early break at Bedrock in '92 so I suppose he's been the biggest influence on me. He has always shown his support and been there for advice throughout my whole career.

Joonbug: With over 20 years in the industry, what has been your most memorable experience so far in your career?

Howells: Gah.. I honestly haven't got an effing clue! I don't think it's as much to do with individual experiences, rather periods of time. My whole period where I was starting out, getting my first residencies at nights like Bedrock etc .. that was an unforgettable time as every experience was brand new to me. There's been amazing residencies and nights and strange things happen ever since, but it's really hard to pick one as being the most memorable. (Plus I can't remember anything between 2001-2005.)

Joonbug: Now that 2011 is pretty much over, what do you think was the biggest song of the year? Why? Looking toward the New Year, any new releases or tour dates you can tell us about?

Howells: Again .. another effing hard question. There's been so much incredible music again, but one tune I really loved was Eduardo De La Calle's mix of Agoria "Panta Rei". I'm picking that because I played hell out of it, even though a lot of people didn't seem to really appreciate it. I'm very happy being selfish!


Cielo is located at 18 Little West 12th Street in NYC. Advanced tickets are still available for purchase through ClubTickets.com. Doors open at 10pm for this event.