Forecast 2012: EDM´s Biggest Names on the Rise
Our list of DJs to look out for this year!
The past year has seen a tremendous amount of talent burst into the world of electronic music. From the amateurs to the veterans, producers and DJs alike continue to raise the bar with groundbreaking genre crossing, technical innovation, and production speed that’s borderline ridiculous.
With considerable new material on the scene, there are many names that stand out in terms of who to be on the lookout for in 2012  - and we’re not just talking about your latest friend who downloaded Serato. While choosing a few from the masses is quite a task, a mix of both newcomer and professional talent should be recognized. Some of these artists have already obtained massive popularity for their work while others are still emerging from the shadows (or basements for that matter). Regardless, it is safe to say that the future seems bright for all, so make sure to give these artists a listen.


After a massive breakout year in 2011, Fareoh is the perfect example of a young producer/DJ who is quickly on the rise. Lighting up the world of progressive house with distinct uplifting and melodic tracks, Fareoh first showcased his talent with his epic remix of Wynter Gordon’s “Buy My Love.” His live energy is contagious and his mixing skills exceptional, and all who can attempt to remember dancing euphorically to his sets at the Santos Electric Beach parties can attest to this. If it weren´t more clear that Fareoh is a name to follow in the coming year, just check out his latest track, a collaboration with fellow rising DJ Archie. V. Appropriately entitled “2012,” this tune will become an instant classic and might even put your head back into summer mode.

This one might be a given, but it would be just wrong to overlook perhaps the biggest name in emerging talent of 2011. Standing alongside mentor Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso continues to establish his name by relentlessly releasing massive tracks, each one better than the next. If “Good Love” doesn’t have you belting out those feel-good, epic vocals, try getting the riff of “Calling” out of your head. This Swedish star shows no signs of slowing down in the year to come, so be sure to keep an eye on the once suspected fourth member of the Mafia as he continues to tear 2012 up.
Otto Knows

Something about the Swedes and house music just seem to work perfectly together, and Otto Knows is no exception. As another young producer signed to Seb Ingrosso’s Refune label, Otto Knows has also been turning heads of SHM members and house stars alike, as the young star has additionally be taken under Avicii’s wing. His beautiful remix of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” has displayed his tremendous potential, and the buzz his new track “Million Voices” is generating is enough to predict immense success for the coming year. As featured on the "young blood" section of the first episode on Refune Radio show , this track has Ingrosso declaring Otto Knows to be one to absolutely look out for. Given his track record in finding new talent in the world of EDM, we can hardly disagree. 

Tim Mason

We’re all familiar with those catchy house riffs that play over and over in our heads, often leading to ridiculous group chanting  (think “Calling,” circa Electric Zoo). For anyone who’s heard Tim Mason’s “The Moment,” this track undeniably triggers such a familiar sensation. The UK-based producer burst onto the scene under Steve Angello’s Size label, and has taken the house scene by storm with this anthem. In addition, his remixes of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Otherside” and Nadia Ali’s “Pressure” showcase the British prospect’s talent as a rising producer, and he remains a name to watch as we roll into 2012.

Having already laid down some of the biggest tracks in trance and progressive house, Russian producer Arty is a name that has been floating around for a bit of time now. Turning the heads of some of the biggest names in the EDM world, Arty proudly represents Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeats label and has obtained tremendous support from Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Chuckie, and the like. Though he has established himself with massive tracks such as “Around the World” and “Kate,” this Russian talent shows no signs of slowing down in the year to come – in fact, quite the opposite - moving up 53 spots in the DJ Mag Top 100. His distinctive tracks and style exemplify what “trouse” is all about, and we can bet that he will continue to enlighten us with this innovation all throughout the coming year.