Behind the Booth with Zeds Dead
We get the scoop on their latest tour, favorite artists, and most memorable gig!


With Zeds Dead headed to Starland Ballroom on the next stop of their Living Dead tour, we got the latest from the dynamic DJ duo. Read on!

Interview by Angela Samartano

Angela Samartano: How did you both originally start working with one another? How did you decide on the name Zeds Dead?

Hooks: We started a group called Mass Productions years ago with the goal of making instrumental albums, selling beats, and working with rappers.  Years later we started getting into electronic stuff and decided to make a new alias which was Zeds Dead. It came from our initials Z and D (Zack and Dylan) and ya, the scene in Pulp Fiction.

AS: Which musicians or DJs have inspired your music over the years? Who would you say is your biggest influence of all?

Hooks: So many people have inspired me over the years. to list a few: DJ Shadow, Premier, Pete Rock, Rza, Madlib, Dre, Mugs, RJD2, Noisia, Pendulum, Skream, Justice.. I feel like my biggest influence may be the Beatles though..  

AS: What has been your most memorable gig to date? Which city do you enjoy playing in most?

Hooks: Our show we just did at the congress theater in Chicago was incredible! So many people there and such great energy. I had some surreal moments on stage looking out at everybody.

AS: Beginning last month, Omar Linx and you started "The Living Dead Tour" throughout North America, bringing along Araab Muzik, XI, Memorecks, Mat the Alien and Knight Riders. How did you go about picking artists to join you on the tour? What are you most excited about throughout the tour?

Hooks: We tried to make the lineup very diverse with everybody bringing something unique to the table. All the artists we chose play different types of sets than us and have a unique sound. It's really cool to just be in an atmosphere full of artists that you respect. It gets the creative juices going.

AS: Can you describe a typical day on tour?

Hooks: Lots of sandwiches are made.

AS: Which DJs/producers would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Hooks: Everyone we got on the Living Dead Tour; XI, AraabMuzik, Memorecks... got some great talent with us.
AS: What else is in store for Zeds Dead music and new releases throughout this year?

Hooks: Look out for out new mixtape with Omar LinX called Victor.

AS: If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Hooks: Order in chaos.


Zeds Dead hits the Starland Ballroom tomorrow, March 8th! Get your tickets here.