Rage On: Your WMC Opening Day Party Guide
Winter Music Conference kicks off with a myriad of events, pool parties, and all-night ragers!

 March is upon us, and for electronic music fans in Miami, this month beats out Christmas for the most wonderful time of the year. Because not only does March conclude with the largest dance music festival in the country, but each day leading up to Ultra is also equally rage-worthy.

Miami boasts top electronic acts year-round, but we’re calling the official march madness commencement March 16th - the Winter Music Conference Opening Day.



March 16th offers events for everyone, from pool parties to all-night concerts, you will not want to waste one precious moment of these 24 blissful hours.

To the innocent bystander residents of Miami - we apologize in advance.  To the cab drivers and bar owners - you’re welcome for the economic boost.  To the thousands congregating in the name of electronic dance music - grab your glowsticks and get ready to have your faces melt.

So without further ado, here is your WMC Opening Day Party Guide!

Mord Fustang at Amnesia: 11PM - 5AM

Mord Fustang may have inversed the all-american auto maker’s brand name, but his music is anything but traditional.  The Estonian producer has been spewing his dubstep filth most famously since his sudden popularity jump January 2011.  Fustang promises fans a sweaty, exhausting, exhilerating night of a strange but cohesive cross between progressive underbelly beats and stomach-churning drops.

And it’s hard to have a bad time at Amnesia.  The venue is massive, with over 26,000 square feet of all-white interior and over 150 intelligent lighting fixture. Yet Amnesia is able to retain a cozy feel in its VIP section and on the sleek dance floor.

Spring Break with Pauly D at Mansion: 11PM - 7AM

If you aren’t familiar with the Jersey Shore and all of it’s guido-glory, well, you’re living under a rock. But what Jersey Shore fans may not know is that cast-member Pauly D’s DJing skills are no joke.  Pauly spins Serato vinyl, which is as personal and intimate a DJ can get with his music.  Not every DJ can scratch and spin manually, all while weaving in an out of top 40, house, pop and even dubstep.

And Pauly’s performance could not have come at a better time for Miami visitors, who will enjoy the newly-renovated Mansion nightclub (now known as Mansion 360).  Over the last few weeks, the venue has been renovating its interiors to feature a whole new raging experience that will now be known as Mansion 360.  The redecoration has added a multi-million-dollar lighting and sound upgrade, placing Mansion 360 among the top multi-dimensional experience venues in America.

Alex Gaudino at Set: 11PM - 7AM

Some say disco died in the 80‘s, but Alex Guadino would disagree.  The Italian disco-house DJ has been laying down his smooth beats since 1993 and is still going strong.  Ever-innovating his music and creating fresh, new sounds, he continually remasters his infamous recipe for success - house beat, piano background, and sultry vocals.  

Guadino will be rocking SET Nightclub, operated by notorious hospitality conglomerate The Opium Group.  SET defines all that is luxurious and fabulous about Miami Beach, with its grandiose crystal-covered interior and leather furniture.  Designed for the elite (and those who can afford to pretend for the night), SET allows  guests to peek into its world of fame, fortune and sublime happiness.

Gabriel & Dresden at Shine in The Shelborne Hotel: 10PM - 5AM

Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden are back in action to celebrate DJmag at this all-night rager.  The dynamic duo has been a force to be reckoned with in the dance genre since their first album release in the early 2000’s.  Today, they boast booming vocals coupled with unforgettable house meets techno beats, and are still leaving fans in awe of their always-fresh-never-less tunes.

Shelborne’s multi-room Shine is a venue unlike any other.  The indoor-outdoor accommodations create a unique Miami environment that encompasses the beachy-lounge feel and the dance-all-night vibe.  Hang in the pool-deck hammocks, make your way to the three-tier ballroom, your options for entertainment are endless.

1Night in Miami at Space with Boris (Terrace) and La Riots & Max Vangeli in Main Room: 10PM - 4PM

For those of you not quite at legal drinking age yet, we have good news - an 18+ event!  Florida's Largest College oriented Entertainment Company Committee Entertainment brings you 1Night in Miami.  

Welcome to Space, the only place to be if you plan on partying until sunrise.  The multi-room venue is huge, and offers multiple musical options at any given time.  This isn’t your typical snooty Miami club, dress code is lax and the vibe is more welcoming than judgemental.  If you’re looking for a good time with good people and good music, head to Space - it’s out of this world.

Boris will headline the outdoor rooftop Terrace with his energizer-bunny momentum, massive drum beats, and rising riffs.  LA Riots and Max Vangeli will take over the main room, bringing dance bangers and progressive house all night long.

WMC Opening Pool Party at the Surfcomber: 11AM - 11PM

There’s really nothing like sitting poolside in Miami at one of the finest hotels on the beach.  When you add electronic music to the mix, well, you’ve just entered paradise.

At the Surfcomber pool, people don’t mess around.  The staff offers high-end service so guests can relax and enjoy the ocean-view. Circled in palm trees and beautiful landscaping, this pool will give you more than just a sun-kissed tan.  

The line-up is as follows: 

Robbie Rivera


Rony Seikaly

Louis Puig

Bill Kelly

Ivano Bellini

Justin Sheppard


Nervous Records Pool Party presents Made in Miami: 12PM - 11PM

Nervous Records and DJmag have teamed up to host this dance pool party at The Shelborne with music by world-famous Oscar G and Friends.  

Oscar G is one of the most successful DJs, producers, and remixers in the country.  The miami native helped to shape the city’s electronic music in the 1990’s with his countless original productions and remixes.  This legendary DJ and his team of Murk Records friends have created a uniquely dark-beat sound, equipped with powerful vocals, enticing tribal drum rhythms, and heavy basslines. 

The line-up is as follows:

Oscar G

Rony Seikaly

Ralph Falcon

Miss Jennifer

Jean Pierre

Palz & Garcia

Lazaro Casanova

Jonathan Cowan


Edgar V


To get tickets and to see the full party schedule for the Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week go here!