Axtone Takes Amnesia
Axwell, NO_ID and Jacques Lu Cont took the stage for an unforgettable WMC event!

Amnesia is known for its extravagantly insane atmosphere, but last night Axtone took the club to a whole new level.

On any given night at Amnesia, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the reflecting lasers, the sporadic spouts of fog, and the scantily-clad Mardi Gras-style dancers.  But last night Axwell, one third of the mega-DJ group Swedish House Mafia, was in the building, and with his presence came a whole lot of crazy.

Upon entering the venue, my eyes immediately jumped to the lighting. Beams of every color shot out from the top of the stage, hitting the ceiling’s hanging disco balls and spreading its light across the dance-floor. The timing was impeccable, as if some mad-scientist mathematician had cooked up the perfect recipe for lighting an electronic music show.  Combined with epic confetti explosions and thin layers of fog floating about the lights, this show was an aesthetic dream.

The first act I caught was NO_ID, the Amsterdam duo who I hadn't been familiar with but quickly fell lovingly for.  Unlike the typical dirty-dutch set, NO_ID continuously surprised the crowd with their deep drops and heavy bangers. 

NO_ID’s set slid effortlessly into Jacques Lu Cont’s turn on the stage.  The English DJ played an incredibly diverse set, transitioning from poppy-funk remixes to progressive electronica while the crowd screamed for more.  The 21-year-old musicman worked much disco into his set, allowing the crowd to move and groove like in the height of disco fever.  Jaques’ drop of his epic remix of Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” was the highlight of his set, with its rising riffs and soothing vocals.

Just as we thought Jacques couldn’t produce any more musical magic, mayhem ensued on the stage as Axwell, NO_ID, and Thomas Gold joined Jacques on stage for a few minutes of blissful DJ conglomeration.  The quartet mixed and matched each others’ sounds harmoniously, evoking cheers of joy from the crowd. After a few minutes, the opening DJs bowed out to let Axwell take the stage solo.

Axwell began his set with a looping dark-and-sinister sounding vocal asking the crowd, “Are you ready Miami?” As the tension built and we waited in anticipation, Axwell finally dropped the bass and the dance-floor exploded with movement.  Arms flailing and legs on hyper-mode, the crowd soaked up Axwell’s remix of Michael Calfan’s "Resurrection." The DJ then surprised long-time fans when he choose his first Swedish House Mafia play as their newly-released "Greyhound," the clubby-electro hit commissioned by Absolut Vodka.  The set’s perfection ensued, with Axwell dropping “Antidote," another Swedish House Mafia banger that the crowd absolutely devoured.

Axtone allowed house-heads in town for the week a chance to catch a glimpse of Swedish House Mafia without sacrificing a day at Ultra for a day at Masquerade Motel.  Axwell seriously killed his set, and by the looks of the completely-drenched-in-sweat crowd, his fans agreed.