Boys Noize Puts on Another Epic Show in Vegas
From Vegas to Ultra, Boys Noize never lets us down!

The unimaginable progression of club DJs and producers over the past decade has landed some at the forefront of universal notoriety. Hailing from Berlin, Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha, has no doubt reached such epic proportions. His sounds and showman skills are unparalleled, and he has without a doubt entered the arena of the great DJs of our time. Boys Noize transcends the definition of a typical performance and continues to push boundaries both in the club and studio. His record label, Boysnoize Records, has been pumping out global dance anthems since 2005. Focused on providing a multidirectional quality to electronic music, the record label was started by Ridha in order to retain full artistic freedom over his works. The label now boasts successful artists such as Siruismo, Housemeister, and Shadow Dancer and is celebrating its 50th release. Boys Noize’s clear talent and innate entrepreneurship earned him the prestigious Dance/Electronica Independent Music Award in 2010 and Beatport’s Best Electronic Artist three years running.

Recently Hard presents threw an unbelievable event in Las Vegas starring Boys Noize and some special guests. Haze Nightclub, located in the new-age Aria hotel, was the perfect home for the Hard production crew and of course Boys Noize’s high energy following. The veteran DJ took command of the dance floor and kept the crowd going until four in the morning. With an incredible opening rendition of Jeffer to a night filled with previously unheard music, Boys Noize flawlessly transitioned track to track. The club’s walls projected alternating images of the artist’s live performance and neon colored women grooving to the beats. Aria’s dancers only added to the excitement of the show, wearing medieval armor and lighting strange torches on fire throughout the night. The light show flawlessly encompassed the atmosphere of the club. The massive structures controlling the lights could be lowered and lifted above the crowd creating a new way for the dancers to interact with the performance.

As promised Boys Noize did not come solo. Destructo, the starter of Hard, graced the stage with his talents. The artist has been working with Boyznoize Records to release his latest EP Technology. Without a doubt the collaboration of these two minds promises a bright future for EDM and dance music in general. Haze nightclub proved that they are more than capable of hosting big name artists and we're looking forward to their next epic lineup!