Mint Tracks: Anna Love, Mosca, The Weeknd and more!
Fill up your ears with these fresh tracks

 Anna Love: "NGAT"

Ghost Champagne is Anna Love's debut EP, out on Texas label Freshmore. DJing is a male-dominated field, but Love is doing well for herself. Her beats are shimmery and vivacious, supported by aggressive bass. She uses tension well, pulling the beat an inch off-kilter before letting it slam back into place. Available now are two songs, "NGAT" and "Skip A Beat," as well as a couple remixes of each. 

Mosca: "Eva Mendes"

London based DJ and producer Mosca just released the title track off of his upcoming EP, Eva Mendes. It's subtle dancehall, smooth and nimble. "Eva Mendes" could easily settle into the background - and then you'd be left wondering how it got stuck in your head. 

Soosh: "Us" (Greenwood Sharps Remix)

Rising London beatmaker Greenwood Sharps just dropped a brilliant remix of Soosh's "Us." Sharps calls his style "stumblecrunk." It's euphoric (crunk), but happily dazed rather than energetic...Though "Us" features very trendy disembodied R&B snips and whooshing ambience, it doesn't get lost in haze or bogged down in syrup. The composition is clean, with organic sounds in the background; the tone is offhand but intimate.

 The Weeknd: "The Fall" (Kill the Computer Remix)

"The Fall" isn't a mint track, but Kill the Computer's latest remix is! The addition of grimy bass emphasizes the desolation of The Weeknd's spun-out whine. It also adds a gratifying release, an aggression which complements all the restrained nastiness of the original track. 



xxy yxx: "Love Isn't Made" (ft. Steffaloo)

This kid is 16 years old. He's been compared to J  Dilla, James Blake, and Star Slinger. "Love Isn't Made" is charming, hopeful yet a little blue. LA vocalist Steffaloo's warm, childlike lyrics pull it all together.