Interview: Eric Dill of Click Five Gives us the Scoop on Going Solo
The former frontman chats with us about stepping out on his own, his secret talents, and his biggest influences!

Eric Dill is the former lead singer for the popular band Click Five. He has since ventured out into a solo career and we got a chance to snag him for an interview about his upcoming album. Get the scoop below!

Joonbug: How has it been transitioning from a member of a band to a solo career? What do you like and dislike about it?

Eric Dill: My artistic endeavors, when considered, have always been born of my own volition. I have found players my whole life to perform with but never felt artistically connected or bound to them. My best collaborative efforts are in live performance, songwriting and production and this I enjoy doing a la carte. As an artist, nothing is more deadening than being controlled. To become a music entity beyond myself would be tying my hands and diluting vision.

JB: What style of music can we look forward to off of your upcoming album?

ED: This record "Forever Is Not Enough," brings together a varying number of influences in a strong, cohesive way. It is my first record. It thus has a mix of older and newer vibes coalesced together. Unmistakably the songs and vibe are a mix of Pop, Rock, Alternative. This is the most effective way to cast a descriptive net over what I am doing and the rest is up to the listener. It should be enjoyable on first listen, with enough depth to never want to leave.

JB: Who are your biggest influences in music?

ED: My greatest influences in music are singers. Nothing is more personal or impressive than to take a vocal journey with your favorite singers. Among them are: Freddy Mercury, Elton John, Billie Joel, Michael Jackson, Paul David Hewson (aka Bono), Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Maynard James Keenan, Trent Reznor, and Raine Maida. 

JB: Do you have any secret talents you can tell us about?

ED: Well if I tell you, I can no longer claim it a secret, but... heh, I am pretty good with companion animals; cats and dogs. I love the peace the company of animals can offer us crazy humans (when you aren't occupied cleaning up their messes). They remind us to reset our scattered, over-heated minds and find the baseline. Mastering over a dog with love will help you in all areas of communication with people.  I also can most likely show you a thing or two about Street Fighter 4, games have always had a special place in my heart/mind for their interactive expression.

JB: I once read that you have a love for video games and that you intend to incorporate that into your music career. Can you elaborate on that?

ED: Hah, I beat you to it! Yes, I am an avid gamer and whether it's electronic or pen and paper, I am down, like a clown with a frown. If you know me, you know that I will at some point bug you to play games with me. My current focus is primarily on competitive fighting games, and the most important for me being Street Fighter 4. I have a friend Jonathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty who has made a career of competitive gaming and find it interesting to pick his mind about what that means. I am creating the foundation for DojoX, a competitive gaming community focused on fighters. I will be at the EVO Championship this year in Vegas to film a documentary on the subject.

JB: Any plans to come to NYC soon?

ED: I was just in NYC and will be popping in and out no doubt for some time to come. Currently Hollywood is home.